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Calling All Bloggers

Calling All Bloggers

I am registered in the BloggerPods poker tournament on
Usually I'm a big a fan of overlay, but I really hope to see more folks sign up for the above blogger tourney. For those that don't know, is the brain child of a fellow blogger, dbirider, from The Poker Bus.

Back when we were thinking it would be cool to offer some free shit at the DADI tourneys, dbirider was one of a number of sites who stepped up and was willing to offer some free swag. He's been a co-sponsor ever since and I think that has worked well. Now I'm hoping I can help him with his tourney.

Check these details:

On Sunday, July 23rd at 6pm est, is holding a $1 blogger only poker tournament on Full Tilt Poker. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will all receive iPods and recoginition as Bloggerpods champions.

The Prizes:
1st: 30gb iPod Video
2nd: 2gb iPod Nano
3rd: iPod Shuffle
Top Finishers: The $1 entry fee goes 100% towards the prizepool, and will be paid out accordingly

To Enter:
Have a quality active blog with at least 10 posts.
Let your audience know you're registered in the
Fill out the quick Registration Form.

Currently, there are not too many bloggers signed up. I realize most of the time people sign up for tourneys closer to the date, but if you get a chance, go give this one a look see early. Your chances of winning an iPod will be pretty damn good methinks. Like I said, I love overlay, but I'd really like to work a little bit more for this prize. It's only $1 so lets give this one a go.

If you have any questions let me know.

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