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Special K

Since I won't be posting much for the next few weeks (what the hell am I doing posting now?), I thought I would pimp one of the fellow North Carolina poker broggers. As far as I know, there aren't many NC poker broggers. If I've forgotten any, please let me know.

Special K lives in Charlotte and has been brogging quite a while. For those of you who made the 2006 WPBT Summer Classic, you may recognize his name. He was there and took some great pics (actually, I don't know if he took them, but he posted them). If you check the pics, keep a look out for one really smokin' Whiteboy.................t-shirt).

Over the next couple of weeks he'll be traveling on vacation, but posting often about the trip and other stuff. The end goal will be getting the fam to Vegas.

He has a home game quite often that I want to eventually make it to, but so far I've missed out with a busy schedule of my own. Hopefully soon I can relieve him and his friends of their hard earned money.

If you have a moment, go visit Special K and add him to your blogroll. Tell'em TripJax sent ya.

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