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Bar Poker

Bar Poker

First, I want to toss out a quick reminder regarding
DADI 8 tonight. Be there or be somewhere else, but I've heard somewhere else has herpes, so be at DADI 8.

Don't forget, The Mookie will not run this week so that DADI can happen in July. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Mookie and the other broggers that run weekly tourneys are great guys for working with us at times like these. Thank you fellas.

Interestingly, I may be hosting and playing from a wireless connection at my favorite watering hole, The Speakeasy Tavern. That feels rather
AlCantHangish, eh?! The wife and kids are away for a few days and it just feels right to attempt to combine two of my favorite pastimes, going out drinking & playing poker. Jordan, GCox, and I hope you can make it and I'm sure VegasPokerPro and PokerOnAMac would be appreciative as well. As usual, both sponsors are offering some free swag for the tourney, including $100 added to the prize pool and lots of free VPP points towards gifts and gift certificates. Further details on the prizes are here or here.

Moving on... continues to list poker near the bottom of the list of priorities for me lately. I had hoped to play the Hoy on Monday, but so much is going on right now I just can't fit it all in. For starters, I found out a few weeks back that our office is under review/audit through August 18th. It is an internal audit, but the preparation is grueling and many long hours at work are ahead.

My job is VERY dependent on having a "good showing" each year. Pass the annual audit and get a raise, praise, and nice bonus. Fail the annual audit and get no raise, no bonus, and a soft nudge towards the exit. It is my Super Bowl, and failing is not an option, thus I put a ton of pressure on myself to get the job done. I know I will do well, but usually my hobbies take a back seat until it is all over.

To make things even more interesting (and hectic), I was offered a job within the company doing the same thing I do now, but in a bigger office in a larger market. The job would require moving the family to another city so it is a big deal for us. I've been in Greensboro for 21 years, more than 2/3 of my life, and I really like this town. I've always told myself I would not chase money at the cost of my families happiness, so this makes it a little difficult.

Actually, at the moment they are not making it too difficult as I feel they are low balling me on their offer. Lets just say I was hoping for something in the range of 30% - 50% salary increase, based on my experience, the increase in cost of living, and the larger market. Instead they came in with an offer less than 20%. I just don't know that I want to uproot the family for what feels like a lateral move. To go through selling a house, buying a new house in a more expensive city, and everything else that goes into a move, I have to feel like I'm going to be coming out ahead. As it stands right now, I feel like I might net more on my paycheck, but it will go towards a higher cost of living and bigger city expenses.

Luckily, I have a good job and I don't have to move so the ball is in my court. I may counteroffer some outrageous amount and if they say yes, then we might move. If they say no, I will still have my current job with no worries.

Ssorry to dump loads of non-pokery stuff on you today, but I've been meaning to write about things that have been keeping me a little distant from being able to brog as much as I normally like. Still, thanks for reading and for giving me any input via comments when you get the urge.

After winning The Mookie last week, Mook asked me some questions. If you haven't checked that post out, you can here. I wonder what next weeks Mookie will be called. Doesn't the next week tourney usually get some wacked out name based on the previous weeks winner. I can't wait to see that one.

Well, that's it for me. Thanks for reading.

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At 12:20 PM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

Go for the counter-offer. Never sell yourself short and let them know that you want to be paid what you're worth.

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