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Trust The Hammer...Believe In The Hammer...The Hammer Is Your Friend

Trust The Hammer...Believe In The Hammer...The Hammer Is Your Friend

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Trust The Hammer

I don't think I played this hammer hand very well, but at the same time, I had my reasons for each play. First off, I should have raised pre-flop to make it an official hammer hand, but I was hoping to punish the min raiser if I nailed the flop.

When I missed the flop, I decided to keep my aggression running by betting into the pre-flop raiser. At some tables, having the opportunity to be first to act is an advantage. This was one of those tables. I had nearly 4000 at the start of the hand so I felt I could either take the hand down there or get away if I'm raised. No matter what, I was obviously not going to check this hand down since I figured there was only one way to win getting him to fold. I was wrong, there was another way to win it.

On the flop, I like my bet of 350 into 450. It gives me a chance to take down the pot with a decent size bet, but also allows me to get away without losing much if I'm raised. At times this type of bet looks like I want a call so it has its advantages when people get afraid I'm trapping. As for my opponent, though there is no flush draw out there on the flop, and he has top pair top kicker, I still don't like his smooth call of my bet. In the big blind and only calling a min raise, I could easily have hands that coordinate with the 4 5 and give me a chance to open up even more outs on the turn. As it were, that is exactly what happened when the 7 hit the turn.

I'm not sure I like my turn bet of 500. I'm still not happy with my hand at that point, but in my mind, checking is basically giving him the green light to take advantage of me. When I made the bet, I was trying to leave the guy an out. If he makes the call I know I'm in deep trouble, but the bet puts him in serious trouble for the tournament if he calls and loses. If he folds, he still has 10 times the big blind and can pick a better place to battle.

When he called my 500, I knew I was probably toast unless the river helped me. Still I knew no matter what I would have 2500 if we got it all in and I lost. He on the other hand would be out of the tournament. When the 2 hit the river I knew the hammer had set me free. During the hand, when he called my 350, I had a feeling he had A 5 and had min raised pre-flop since it had folded to him. As it were, I got very lucky with the river 2 to take him out and build a healthy stack.

Surprisingly the dude didn't make an comments in the chat after I had to show down the hammer for the win. I was just waiting for it, but he left it alone. After showing down that hand, I knew I would probably have to change up my play a bit and take advantage of what the players now knew about my potential play. I did take advantage of it and ended up finishing 3rd out of 45 entrants. Booya.

I rarely ever put hand histories on this brog, but for some reason I felt like discussing the hand. I know my play was not ideal, but I don't really like my opponents play either. I'd like to hear what my readers think in the comments...

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