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Me Likey The Mookie

Me Likey The Mookie

Well how about that, I finally won one of those damn things. I shouldn't be very surprised it took so long as I haven't played many brogger tourneys lately. It's like the lottery, you gotta buy a ticket in order to have a chance to win.

The above duly noted, I must first thank GCox for asking me if I was going to play The Mookie last night. Had he not mentioned it, I would surely have ended up watching TV with TripWife or something else. Thanks G.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank DNasty who consistently IM'd me with words of encouragement throughout the night. It was as if he knew it was my night and was going to keep me focused, all the while he was playing in the tourney too. That was cool of you D, so thanks again.

As for last night, sometimes things just go your way. I felt focused and played my ass off, though on a couple of hands hit some crucial cards at the right time. The first hand that set the tone for the night was, I think, against Kelly. I had AA and he pushed all in pre-flop with, I believe 88, which was obviously an easy call for me. Thankfully there were no suck outs and I quickly went into 1st place.

The next hand that changed my night relatively early on was against 6tours4lance. I had KQ and the flop came down X Q K (can't recall the first card off hand, but I think it might have been slightly scary for a straight, but not a flush). When the Ace hit on the turn, I still felt I was best, and I had this feeling he had AT suited. Little did I know, with his T J in the hole, he was open ended and the turn actually filled his straight. A suh-weet King hit the river giving me a full house and a healthy 1st place chip stack.

It was a tough hand, but worth another look. Preflop I'm ahead and on the flop I think I'm ahead, but only slightly with his open-ended straight draw. On the turn I'm hurt pretty bad and obviously behind, but the river then saved me. So I lead every street but one, but it is still a pretty harsh beat on the end for lance to take.

From there all I really recall is playing uber aggressive and rarely being played back at. I did hit a road block around the time we got down to 2 tables, but I managed to stay in 1st place most of the night and don't really recall being below 2nd place at any point except in the beginning. When we got to heads-up, I had a nice stack and got it all-in preflop against 23skidoo with my TT versus his A4 suited. An Ace hit the board and just like that he had the big stack. At one point I was down to my last 7k or so with a flop of 2 A A and about 10k in the pot. I pushed all-in with 7 high (but not the hammer) and thankfully he folded. He calls there and I definitely lose the match. As it were, I went on a rush and ended up having a dominating last hand to win the tourney.

I do remember remember dropping the hammer at least twice at the final table, and once heads-up. That felt good.

The thing about last night, and my last few tourneys for that matter, is I've felt extremely focused. I'm constantly keeping up with my "M" and keeping an eye on the table and where my opponents stand. I could almost sense what people were going to do, based on the fact that I knew they had to make moves at certain times. I played aggressive when I felt I could, and backed down pre-flop when I had a feeling someone was going to push all-in because of their stack size.

The feeling I had throughout the tourney was rather surreal, which was nice for a change. Oh, and it helps to win races, which was also nice for a change.

If I sucked out on you last night, sorry, but it feels good to finally win one of these things.

I'm hoping I can play the Hoy this coming Monday, but I know for sure I'll be playing the BloggerPods tourney on Sunday. Hope to see you at both.

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