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This Just In: Alcohol and Re-buys A Lethal Combination

This Just In: Alcohol and Re-buys A Lethal Combination

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a blast at DADI 8. I took it for what it entertainment.

As usual, the chat was great and the cards were wild. I *cough* re-bought 9 times *cough* and still didn't win the $5 Jordan offered to whoever re-buys the most. He ended up getting to keep the $5 after re-buying 14 times. We are Poker Champ.

And for the record, boycotting is ghey.

As you may recall from my earlier post, I ended up playing the tourney from my favorite bar. The night started early as a buddy and I went to a new bar downtown called Rum Runners. On Wednesdays they have $.75 well drinks. Nine vodka drinks later, I'm lit and ready to head to the The Speakeasy Tavern to play the tourney (for the record, I wasn't driving).

I get there at 8:15pm and get things set for the tourney. The drinks continue to flow like water. This bar has an upstairs area with couches so I knew that would most likely be my spot. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the wifi was not working as well up there. I had to learn this early on in the tournament when I was dealt AA and then lost connection. Doh! I went back downstairs and sat at the bar and didn't have anymore problems. Well, with the connection that is.

I don't recall very much about the tourney last night, other than sucking early, then building a decent stack, then busting with QQ in the small blind against KK in the big blind. I have no regrets, had a great time, and am looking forward to DADI 9, whenever and whatever it may be.

I did learn a very simple lesson last night. Alcohol and re-buys don't mix. I had a damn good time learning that lesson though.

A big thank you to everyone who showed up to play. We had an amazing $1400+ in the prize pool. That is pretty damn cool.

For those who have left comments recently, I just want to say thanks. Lots of stuff going on in TripJaxville and it is great to know folks out there are around to let me know what they think.

That's it for now!

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