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Friday Fonking

I completely forgot about Kat's Friday Night Blogger Donkament tourney and showed up 40 minutes late. We were having friends over to hang out and watch Blood Diamond, so my mind was on other things. Once I realized I was missing the action on the felt, I fired up the laptop and watched the movie while playing the tournament. Apparently I should show up late and watch movies during tournaments more often 'cause I won the thing.

I had a great time fonking it up with my fellow blogthren and will hopefully be able to play more of these, though Friday's can be hit or miss with me. I wish I had some hand histories from this tournament, 'cause there was some wild shit going on. I went to check my hand histories the next day, but realized that I didn't have them set from when I downloaded the new Full Tilt software for resizable tables. Oh well.

Tonight I'll be playing the Monday's At The Hoy, which is part of the Battle Of The Blogger Tournaments. Prior to last Thursday's Riverchasers event, I was 83rd out of a possible 86 players on the leader board. In other words, I was sucking it up. To be fair, I went out early in the 1st event and missed the 2nd event, so I didn't have much to work from.

As for event #3, I was able to play well, just missing the final table, which helped me move up to 37th overall. Hope to see you all tonight as I work to move up on the Leader Board even further at event #4...

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At 3:25 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Congrats on the Friday win. I had a bunch of fun playing that thing...I love me some rebuys. I hope Kat keeps hosting them.

See you at the MATH tonight...maybe.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

Good job beating the fonkies. I would have joined in but I was in EDT+7 time zone and it was a little late.

Thanks for the iPod comment as well. I should just go buy the damn thing instead of thinking about it so much.

I saw Blood Diamond on my way back home and it was better than I expected. Although Leo's accent was a tad annoying (as is the rest of him). When will you start updating CineJax, damnit?


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