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Congratulations are in order as oossuuu754 successfully won a seat to the WSoP Main Event last night in a MTT satellite on Full Tilt. I was very impressed with his play throughout. I watched most of the match while playing in the Riverchasers event and stayed up to rail 'til the end.

Congrats oossuuu754 in joining FlipChip on the path to the WSoP...

posted by TripJax @ 7:46 AM,


At 10:24 AM, Blogger oossuuu754 said...

Thanks TripJax for the support. The constant railing help settle the nerves and allowed me to play my "Game" which as many of you know is Fonkey Pressure Poker. Everyone wanted to know about the big hand I came over the top on the bubble. For one I dont believe he had KK. KK has to come over the top ALL IN or at least has to Insta Call with a flop of J87, he had have AK,AQ maybe 1010 or 99 or a smaller pair or complete Air. I played the cards like AA but I was on a stone cold bluff.


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