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10 Days Later

Wow, not posting for 10 days feels like fuheva. When I don't post for several days, I sort of feel like when I don't water a plant. I know the plant is there waiting for me to water it, but there's just so much other shit going on that I can't get to it.

Well I'm back, so lets splash some water and this here plant. Alas, I feel this post will not be the grand spectacle it should be after my hiatus. I must admit I did feel a tinge of guilt for not posting for so many days, but it felt damn good to take a break. Since May 4th, I've spent virtually no time online. Only a couple minutes to reply to some emails.

So what has happened since my last post? I successfully traveled to NY and back, which was quite an experience. I had the chance to play in an underground poker club with your friend and mine, Jordan. The highlight of my night did not come with the cards as I was absolutely card dead and never had a chance to make any moves with anything. It was truly an ugly experience as far as the cards were concerned.

However, one cool thing happened while playing. After about 30 minutes of fold, fold, fold from yours truly, one of the other players – a young female with pep in her step and a damn good game – looked over at me and said, "I think I know you…are you a blogger?" I quizzically gave the nod yes and she then stated, "You are here on a business trip in Jersey City right?"

She was right on both accounts and over the next few minutes we talked our way through how she knew me and my blog. It's pretty wild to go from Greensboro NC to New York City, find a small underground game, then get outted as a poker blogger. Pretty damn cool, I must say. As it turns out, she is a blogger as well and, in fact, managed to finish 2nd at the most recent Blogger Bracelet Race. Of all the tournaments to finish 2nd in, that was not the one, because only 1st place paid out a $1500 seat. Ouch! Still, nice job LJ, and it was great to meet you.

And of course, I had a great time with Jordan. We had a mellow, but enjoyable night of poker, including some Chinese Poker at a bar after the tournament. Honestly, Jordan does a much nicer job of detailing the night here. Thanks for hanging with me Jordan.

While in NY, I had planned to play in the Hoy as is typical for me on Monday's. I pre-registered as I had a feeling I would be late returning from our meetings. Little did I know I wouldn’t' make it back to the hotel until after 2am. We ended up going out in NY City and we had a blast. Indeed it was the best tournament I never played and the best $26 buy-in spent in quite a while. Unfortunately I didn't manage to fold my way into the points, though I thought I had a chance. I think I missed it by 5 spots.

On the bright side, my brother, ChapelncHill, managed to finish 2nd for a strong showing. He's been playing the blogger tourneys with me lately and I'm glad he finally broke through into the money at the Hoy after only a few tries. I heard he "made some friends" with a few of the bloggers and had a couple of bounties put on his head. Ah, you sweet, sweet poker bloggers. Gotta love it.
Barring any unforeseen issues, I should be back at the tables tonight at The Hoy. See you there…

One last note before I bolt. I am way, way behind on reading your blog posts so bear with me if I've missed anything. I did just noticed I was tagged to do some type of post, but I'll have to read more on the details. I should be back to regular blogging this week. It's good to be back!

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

Welcome back. We were so worried about you. You don't call, you don't write. It's like you don't care how we feel any more. It's all about you isn't it?

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Welcome back man...

At 1:00 AM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

It's so cool when people recognize us from our blogs. Almost makes me feel important or something! Love it!

Welcome back.

At 11:24 AM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

You've been tagged! Go to to see what it's all about.

I can't believe nobody has tagged you already.


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