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Wrong Direction, But Who Can Complain?!

I finished 3rd in The Mookie last night. I really felt good about my game and all my big hands were holding up, so I figured it just might be TOC night for me. Unfortunately I lost my footing once down to 3 and fizzled out rather quickly. Riggstad and Hellory (does he have a blog) played heads-up for what felt like forever and, for some reason, I stayed up to watch when I really should have gone to sleep. I recall my head hitting the pillow at 2:46am.

I don't know Hellory, so I was pulling for Riggstad. He was getting some massive hands heads-up, but Hellory was having nothing of it. It was painful to watch Riggs get no action on his huge hands, then have to dump when raising with air or most likely suspect hands. Regardless it was a good game and I had fun.

My last 3 blonkaments have been

Bodonkey - 1st
Bodonkey - 2nd

The Mookie - 3rd

I'm not liking the direction I'm headed - what's next a 4th place in the Riverchasers - but who can complain with those numbers? The above does not include my 3rd place in The Hoy last week, so that's two BBThree final tables where I was sniffing a TOC and just couldn't get the job done. Then two Bodonkey final tables that finally put me in a better position to hopefully make the 18 seat tourney for a WSoP seat. As for the BBThree, no sense of urgency yet, but I'm really motivated to win a TOC when I'm playing. I just haven't played as many tourneys this go around, whereas I played almost every BBTwo event.

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the well wishes regading ChickJax yesterday. She has actually been feeling much better since I wrote that post, so maybe all the good vibes out there helped. We are looking forward to the docs giving us news that will get her even more on the road to recovery. Thanks again.

Had I known about ChickJax being down with the sickness way back when, I probably wouldn't have planned this...

Greensboro to Biloxi
Fri, Mar. 28, 2008
Leaves - 10:24 AM
Arrives - 11:22 AM

With Surflexus just getting back from some tourneying in Biloxi, it's time for me to make my trip and gambool it up for a few days. I am stoked about hitting the casinos with my local gambooling buds. Thankfully, as I mentioned above, ChickJax is feeling better and her and the kids are actually going to spend the weekend with her mom and sister. They are looking forward to the visit. They are also taking a trip to the NC Zoo tomorrow which should be a lot of fun for the whole family. I know KidJax and LilJax are going to love it. Maybe the monkeys will be getting a little bit of dry humping going on like they did last time I took KidJax. That was an interesting conversation to have with the boy.

KidJax: "Daddy what are those monkeys doing?"
Me: "Erm, they're playing son, playing. Yeah, playing. Erm, lets go buy you some Dippin' Dots."

Okay I'm hella busy since I'm trying to get ready for being off on Friday and Monday, so I gotta roll. Don't expect a post from me until probably Tuesday of next week. In the meantime, lets light this candle.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:11 PM, Blogger Lucypher said...

TJ, we will be expecting a trip report when you return. Good Luck.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger jamyhawk said...

Love the picture. Keep on this hot run and you will get the TOC Seat!

At 2:08 PM, Blogger PokahDave said...

Jeez I didn't even know...hope the missus is doing well. You sir are kicking some serious ass! Good time to be on your game on the way to Biloxi...Good Luck!

At 5:03 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Heck of a run last night, bro. Amazing how somehow the cards at the end can determine going heads up for the big prize or petering out just short.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Shrike said...

Congrats on the good finish.

I'm still trying to recover from blowing such a huge chiplead at the final table. It will sting for a while.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

mmmmmm dipin' dots. just don't sneeze into them like KajaKid did last time we went to the zoo. Good luck in Biloxi and I already know one TOC seat has your name on it.


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