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A while back I mentioned I was thinking about building a deck. Then somewhere along the way I started building the deck. Occasionally I would discuss it here, but didn't really go into much detail. I was really only working on it for a few hours each weekend so it took a while to finish. To be honest, I'm still not done as I need to add the skirting underneath as well as apply stain; however, the bulk of the work is done.

I just recently realized I never added any pictures here on the blog. Initiate picture post:

The depressing beginning...

Sorry ain't gotta go home...but you can't stay here...

Occifer...I swear...I was framed...

Tired mofos...

Oh hail no...
Check out my big deck...
Like I said, I still have some work to do, but for the most part I'm done. I couldn't be more happy and I get a grin on my face every time I walk out there knowing I actually built that thing. I have to say there is absolutely no way any of it gets done without my homey alx. He was the brains and brawn behind it all. I was just there doing what I was told and writing the checks. Checks that were hella smaller by not hiring someone else to do the work.
Alx, if you are reading this, I still owe you big time for everything you did. Thanks again man.
Until next time, may the felt be with you

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Battered And Bruised

The last month at work has sucked.  I've been preparing for an audit and most of my time has been dealing with the shit that crops up in the process.  All the prep work culminated in a perfect storm this week of auditors rummaging through all our stuffus.  I always feel a tad violated when outsiders sift through my work that I've busted ass on for a full year and manage to find some lilliputian error in a sea of otherwise perfect work.

Them: "Um, we see you didn't initial your approval on this particular form."
Me (under my breath): "Yeah well fuck you...did you notice the 3248 other forms I did perfectly?"

In all honesty, the auditors were pretty cool and we ended up doing well, so it's all good.  

I'm happy to report the auditors walked out of our office at 1pm yesterday.  I'm even happier to report that by 4pm I walkinig into a bar in order to stuff large quantities of alcamahol down my throat.  I always get ripped after our audit.  It is the first sign that my life can get back to normal. 

Let me apologize in advance...I'll be posting regularly here again so you will have to put up with reading my drivel more often.  Oh and I might even start playing poker again.  I'm starting to get the itch.  Woot!

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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There Will Be Beers

That title is the movie I'll be starring in next friday after our audit at work ends.  It's been a long 4 weeks preparing for this and I can just taste the first beer I'll have after it's over.  Posts here have definitely taken a nose dive while I've been spending most of my time working lately, but that should all be over in one week.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to business as usual here and on the felt.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  So what's your movie title?

The google fiasco has been discussed ad nauseum, so I won't go into it in depth here, other than to let folks know where I stand.  I've been blogging for quite a while - since 2003 to be exact.  In blog years that's pretty old.  I didn't receive, or even know of, advertising on blogs when I started, so obviously that is not why I started mine.  If the well runs dry, I'll still be posting my terarded thoughts here.  Hopefully you'll stick it out with me along the way.

Interestingly, while I have lost some ad revenue recently - including my most dependable monthly source, PokerSourceOnline - I have also gotten renewal requests and new indications of interest.  In fact, one ad source asked to go ahead and pay for a full year in advance when they normally would only pay for 6 months.  Guess the well is not completely dry just yet.  Either way, I'll still be here to help put my readers to sleep.

I actually played some poker last night, finishing in the money in the Riverchasers heads-up event.  I normally don't play that event just because it is a bad time for me, but I got home just in time last night to fire up the computer and donk it up.  I love heads-up tourneys so I was all for that format.  Hopefully they'll keep that format for a while.  I can't remember, but I think I finished in 4th place.  I really thought I was going to take it down, but I'll take 4th considering I barely play poker anymore.

I'm out.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Picture Post Test

At the pool - Tiki Bar in background, Bud Lite Lime in hand - life's
good. End picture test post.

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Okie Vegas: Let Us Honor Those Who Cannot Attend

Though a few folks started the Okie-Vegas festivities a tad early, the majority of attendees will be lighting their Okie candles today.  And with that, the official party shall begin.  I, unfortunately, will miss out on Okie-Vegas for the first time.  As GCox's official wingman, it pains me to miss out, but alas it was not to be this year.

In a conversation a few weeks ago, I asked Instant Torture* to solemnize those unable to attend by cracking open a beer and leaving it on GCox's mantle, with nary a sip taken, for the duration of the Okie-Vegas festivities.  I also asked him to snap some pics of the can -- that we shall never forget.  Originally, when thinking this tribute through, I pictured a bottled beer; however, on second thought, it might be more appropriate to crack open an ice cold Keystone Light instead.

Sure you might think it is uncalled for to open up a perfectly fine, ice cold can of beer and leave it to gather dust.  To that I say, "let ye who hath never opened a beer at 2 a.m. - then promptly passed out, leaving it destined for the drain - cast the first stone."  Think of the beer as tribute, not travesty.

And with that I say let the games begin.  Have fun fuckers.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

*Instant Tragedy

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Poker In Arrears

Those who have been with me on this journey from the beginning may recall the original title of my blog was Poker In Arrears.  Having not really fulfilled my duty as a poker blogger and player of late, I feel that old title is more appropriate now than ever before.  Ah yes, the old days of bloggin'.  Who can forget my original template?

With that in mind, I'm happy to report I did play some poker over the long holiday weekend, though not very much.  I managed to slip in some heads-up matches on Full Tilt and some Beginners SNG's on Bogdog.  I also managed to piss off some people in my heads-up matches along the way.  I was playing hyper aggressive and hitting river after river, which made my opponents none too happy.  I had one dude follow me to my next match and rag on me for some time.  It was pretty funny.

As for the Beginners SNG's, half the entrants get paid, so any non-terard should make money.  I somehow found a way to get knocked out early in 2 of the 3, but still break even (ish) since the one I cashed in was the $32 version.  I definitely need to hone my skills in those things as I've been way too aggressive early on.

My last note on poker for today before I move on...I'm playing in the MATH tonight; I hope to see you there.
I offer a reminder to my Okie friends who are - or will soon be - hittin' the felt and the hooch here pretty soon. Don't forget my next day remedy that is sure to cure what ails ya after a long day of drankin'. One slight change however; the alka-seltzer product name was changed to Wake-Up Call and it now looks like this...
Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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