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Bank Rock and/or Roll

Bank Rock and/or Roll

First things third, I'm looking for a creative bounty to offer on my head in the upcoming DADI 5 tourney. The last bounty I offered was never "redeemed" as AussieDave did not get back to me on what he wanted to rename my brog for a week. If you have any ideas for a new bounty, please leave a comment and I'll definitely consider them all.

I've given away all my cool poker goodies so I'm just not sure what to do. The only things I have left in my arsenal are a small sample of poker chips that are great for practicing chip tricks. They are the perfect weight and texture for honing your chip trick skills. I sent DrewsPop 10 of the chips as part of my last bounty to him in case he needed to work on his chip tricks.

Moving on, I've been thinking about my bankroll and thought I would write about that today. Some people are down to the felt with only pennies left in their roll after cashing out, hitting a tough run of cards, or tilting it all away. Others have bankrolls ever creeping into the rarified air that dreams are made of. In the middle are the bulk of folks trying to grind $1 here or $100 there watching the roll fluctuate like a heart monitor on ER, all the while praying it does not flatline.

As for me, if you don't already know, I primarily use my bankroll to fund our family vacations and any other poker related trips I might take. Our last two family vacations were fully funded from poker money. This not only makes me super happy, but helps validate the time I put in at the tables, reading books and brogs on the subject, and writing this brog.

Sure cashing out for vacations every year makes it hard to ever build a huge bankroll, but right now I'm doing what makes me happy and I've been successful at it so far. It makes TripWife and TripFamily very happy when vacation time rolls around and, in the end, that is what matters to me. Now if I can just hit that one big tournament payday I could then renegotiate with myself what I want my bankroll to do for me. Ask not what your bankroll can do for you...yeah yeah you get the idea.

As for me and my roll, I don't have much gambool in that I tend to get pretty protective once it gets at or near the goals I set for myself. This is good and bad...good cause I don't donk off half my roll in a tiltfest...bad cause I rarely find myself taking huge steps beyond my goals since I tend to just not play after a downswing for fear I will dip below my goal. Hopefully I can continue to better learn the aspects of properly managing, while still growing the "roll of my dreams." We'll see.

And if you're wondering, the awwfukkits are a distant memory.

I'm running out of time today so I'm going to continue this topic tomorrow with the focus on onrine versus live game bankroll. Is there a difference? Should there be? More news at

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