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Bankroll: Online vs. Live

Bankroll: Online vs. Live

If you missed yesterdays post, Bank Rock and/or Roll, check it out before moving on here.

The online vs. live bankroll is where things get a little tricky for me, and where I'm guessing many poker broggers differ in their ways. For me, I don't really have a live bankroll. I only play about 2 times a month live and typically it is a small game of 6 or 8 buddies playing a SNG for $10 or $20. For all of us, it is just for fun. We grab some beers, talk it up, and just play for a few hours. Typically I just use whatever money I have at that time. If I win, I have more money in my pocket, and if I lose, my pants are a little lighter. No blood, no foul.

While I know I am up over the long haul in my live play, I've just never felt like the game I mentioned above is part of my bankroll. It would be too much trouble to transfer money and track this game with my online roll. I don't need the hassle of withdrawing and depositing money constantly over a quick, friendly game with friends. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm not giving it the thought I should, but that is just how I feel about my live game right now. If I was playing live often and playing more serious cash games and tournaments, then I would definitely change my ways, but for the time being, it just doesn't make sense.

My online bankroll, on the other hand, is a big deal to me. I track my progress and treat it with as much care as I treat our family money. I actually have a bank account that is solely used for poker. I have it linked with all the transfer web sites (like Neteller) so that I can make timely transfers as needed. This is important when you move money quite a bit to bonus chase or take advantage of sites offering special promotions.

And as I've mentioned before, I treat my online bankroll very seriously. Sure there are the occasional blogger tournaments or cash game tables that are probably -EV, but for the most part I have one goal which is to grow the roll and meet my goals. If I'm not making money, I'm taking a break and finding out what I need to do. Whether it is a site change, a game change or just getting back to my bread and butter games, I figure out what's up and try and fix it.

In reading Jordan's past posts, I think his views on his bankroll are quite different. I think he monitors his live game roll more like a true bankroll than his online roll. At least that is what I took from reading it. I'd be interested to hear some comments or follow-up posts from broggers/readers about how they treat their bankroll, especially online vs. live.

Time is money folks, thus I must end this now. Thanks for reading.

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