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The Onion Needs New Material...Or My Services. Read On...

There's no denying I dig The Onion.  They make me laugh and, several times in the past, I've written posts as if I was a writer for them.  I enjoyed it and I hope I made 1 or 2 people laugh.  In the end I did it because I have a blog and...well...I can (rip brandi).

All that said, I now have to laugh when I wrote this in May 2008...

LPGA Commissioner Euthanizes Annika Sorenstam

And they just pumped this out in June 2009...

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg

If I find out Julius Goat,  is the editor for The Onion, there's gonna be some splainin' to do.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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