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Ended up going out with the boys on Friday night for some alcamahol and good times. Steve banged a hottie and Todd smacked one down. LLOLLLOLL!!! Sorry, the Poker Champ in me came out for a split second. For the record, I don't have any friends named Steve or Todd, though I'm sure somewhere across the land a Steve did bang a hottie and a Todd did smack one down. As for me, it was actually a pretty laid back night filled with Budweiser and SoCo. Me likey.

When we got back to my place I had a serious poker itch I wanted to scratch so I fired up Full Tilt to see what was up. I know, poker and alcamahol don't mix, but I was only going to play a $5 something, so I wasn't going to sweat it. I don't know why, but I decided to enter a satellite to the 200k Guarantee on Sunday. Amazingly, though I had partaked in the spirits much of the night, my mind was crystal clear and focused on the task at hand. The only thing I felt I had against me was was nearing 3:15am. WTF was I thinking?

I had a few thoughts in mind before I started playing. First, I wanted to stop worrying about the averages and how many players remain. This has been a weakness in my MTT play of late. Second, I wanted to stop worrying about the chip leaders stack size and how it compared to mine. I solely wanted to focus on the table I was playing and my chip stack as it relates to the blinds. I did this by closing out the Tournament Lobby and just played my hands. It was oddly surreal, but that may have been the SoCo.

To make a long story short, I played some rock steady poker, my favored hands held up, and before I knew it we were down to the final table. Once we got down to the final table I decided to look and see how many places paid so I could figure out a game plan. Top two received a $216 token to the 200k and 3 other places paid out. We finally got down to the final 3 and unfortunately I bubbled for the 200k token, but made some money for my effort. More importantly, I played exactly how I had hoped and built a little bit of confidence for my MTT game.

78 Players / 3rd Place

On Saturday I decided to take advantage of the overlay being offered at the World Poker Exchange. Folks, it doesn't get any better for a poker player and any worse for a poker site. I sure hope they get things together so this no rake stuff sticks around. In the meantime, I'm enjoying getting overlaid left and right. I managed another final table and pocketed $30 on a $5 investment. I ended up getting sucked out on too, otherwise I would have been headed towards the $100 for first. With 4 remaining I was second in chips and ended up getting it all in with the chip leader with my QQ versus his JJ. He spiked a J on the river to knock me out.

38 Players / 4th Place

On the next MTT there were 76 players and I was down to the final 17. I'm holding Q J on a Q Q 4 8 board when a player pushes in front of me. He is holding slightly more chips than me and flips over QT. The river was a Ten and I went from being chipleader if I nail that hand to out with no money. I was not ready to call it quits, however, so I fired up another MTT.

After that last MTT that ended with a tough 3 outer on the river, I decided to play in their 1000 guarantee. Again the overlay was sweet as only 74 players signed up for $10 each. My confidence was again strong and I managed to maintain a decent stack on some rather mediocre cards. I made another run for a final table and managed to get down to the final four again. Unfortunately, I couldn't muster a win in this one, but the payout was nice bringing in $100.

74 Players / 4th Place

On my last attempt at the WPX guarantee MTT's, I managed another final table and, you guessed it, another 4th place finish. I don't recall much about this tourney, other than getting to the final table and noticing the payout for 2nd was much better than 3rd or 4th. That said, I was the short stack when down to 4 and played any hand that could battle aggressively. Unfortunately I lost the battle, but managed another final table score of $25. All in all, with some SNG's thrown in, I had a $200+ weekend and cashed in 4 out of 5 MTT's. It was a much needed boost to my bankroll and my psyche.

48 Players / 4th Place

In the WPBT Stud event, I never could get my mojo going. I was getting ass for cards and it showed in my stats. By the time I was out, and after being dealt 99 hands, I saw the 4th card 10%. Up until my last hand, my highest pocket pair on my first 3 cards was 9 9 and both of the other 9's were showing in my opponents up cards. It was that bad. I did manage to creep into the player of the year points by outlasting half the field, but other than that it was rather uneventful. I think I moved from 38th to 32nd.

Random Non Pokery Stuff:

Has anyone else seen that Ford Motors commercial "Beep-Beep", where the female lead singer and her band sing the most obnoxious song known to man? Does anyone else want to throw their remote at the TV when it comes on? I can't hit the mute button fast enough. My buddy said, though he has seen many bad commercials, it is the first one he has ever seen that deserves a complaint letter. I agree.

Follow-Up Thoughts From My Previous Post:

Looking back, I think Jordan's post really was insightful and I hate that it has somehow ruffled feathers. I also hate it has caused a bunch of bloggers, including myself, to feel the need to validate themselves and their blogs. I didn't even realize that's what I was doing until I re-read my last post. You know what, I care about this blog and I want people to read it.

Let us not forget, we are all a bunch of amateur fucking writers. We write about poker and other such nonsense. It is not a big deal, so don't make it one.

And to anyone who read Jordan's post, whether you agree with the A-Z List mumbo jumbo or not, don't tell me you did not at least think one of the following for a split second:

"I know I am an Insert Letter - Lister."
"I wonder if others think I'm an Insert Letter - Lister."

Whether you agree with the labeling or not, it is in our nature to validate ourselves, and when something like this comes up publicly, you naturally question where you fit. Then you either agree, disagree, or are impartial.

Wow, I didn't want that to come across negative, but after re-reading it, it sort of does. I'm not deleting it though. It's my blog. Insert fru-fru smiley face thingy here.

Big Ups To These Fine Folks Who Left A Comment In the Last Post:


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