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DADI Does Vegas Tonight!

DADI Does Vegas Tonight!

It's that time again folks. DADI 5 is tonight and if you have not signed up, now is as good a time as any. As of this morning there were 24 sign ups and we need a minimum of 54 to guarantee one seat. In the past we've seen the bulk of sign ups the day of the tournament and, to be more exact, in the last few hours. I'm hoping this is the case and we get a huge turnout tonight.

The good doctor
Pauly is going to be live blogging the final table of the WPT Championship and attempting to play in DADI 5. Now if he can manage that, don't you think you can manage playing the DADI while surfing porn as is your normal routine? Get with it ya wankers.

Over the last few weeks a fellow brogger,
Slimeface, has gone all out in promoting the DADI 5. Since the time is nigh I felt like this would be a great time to give a thank you by showcasing his work. I also want to thank everyone who has mentioned the DADI in their posts recently. Without word of mouth from you all, these events do not happen. Here are Slimeface's pics (including the one above). Well, the pics were destroying my template for some reason so I instead created a slideshow of them below. Hope that is a little easier to work with...

DADI 5 banners by Slimeface

Thanks again Slimeface, I appreciate it tremendously.

Follow-Up Thoughts From My Previous Post:

I mentioned in my last post that we would finally be having TripBaby's birthday party after missing the original date due to her being sick. During that rough time not long ago, with all the people who prayed for and/or kept her in their thoughts, I felt like it would be nice for everyone to see a happy TripBaby. Thanks again to all the well wishers. You guys and gals do indeed rock. Here she is, the Birthday Princess.

Big Ups To These Fine Folks Who Left A Comment In the Last Post:


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