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Drunken Lewey Award Speech

"I think it was a unanimous decision amongst the bloggers. TripJax won this year's Drunken Lewey Award taking it away from last year's winner, F-Train. Two straight nights. Impressive." Sir AlCantHang

Mere words cannot fully express the feeling of gratitude I have within me, for in a sense, this is the award I was born to win. As I write these words, I am at a loss. It is similar to the loss of memory I had while unknowingly obtaining this award at The Bash. Today, I have so many beverages to thank, yet I cannot remember them all.

I would be remiss if I did not first acknowledge Southern Comfort. Without you, SoCo, I would not be here writing these words of indebtedness. Your sweet drinkability brings a smile to my face and a slur to my speech. For this I thank you.

And Morimoto, your 22 oz. Hazelnut and Black OBI Ales also deserve recognition on this day of tribute. Your intense flavor, lavish portions and high alcohol content made winning this prestigious award seem effortless. Though I have only known you a short time, I know together we can attain many, many more awards.

And who could forget the Keg of random beer? You've been with me a long time Keg. You've helped me through countless middle school, high school, college and adult social events. I rarely know what type of beer you contain, but that is no matter. Knowing there is a cold frosty brew inside you makes the sun rise on glossy eyes. At The Bash, Keg, I spilled one or eight of your tasty beverages from my cup. For this, I am truly sorry. We've been together a long time Keg, so I know you understand.

In the end, I cannot thank Alcohol enough. Without you, Alcohol, this award would not have been bestowed upon me. In closing, I quote a toast by a man of a million quotes, but none more appropriate than this moment.

"To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all lifes problems." - Homer

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At The Bash I Did NOT...

...have any alkeehol

...have any fun at all

...say Chaka Kan (shakakan) 7,643 times during the Friday tourney (wtf?)

...knock out Gavin Smith with TripJax at the final table of the Friday tourney

...come in 3rd at the Friday tourney

...somehow end up on top of Big Mike's van at some point Friday night

...have a drop of Soco

...have any large, high alkeehol content beers

...pass out way too early Saturday night

...have a girlie ubergeigh moment Saturday night any cool people this weekend.

Somehow I think there are a ton of other things I didn't do this weekend that I just don't remember not doing. I get the feeling I may end up reading about some of the things I did not do at some point.

Thanks for putting up with my dumb ass this weekend everyone. I had a hella good time. It was so cool meeting so many broggers and I can't wait to do it again. I may have to tone it down next time. Not doing so many things is definitely not wearing my ass out.

Word to the not try and go drink for drink with SirAl. It is impossible and damn right idiotic. It's fun trying though. Jordan, I hate I didn't hang out with you longer yo.

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Banner...I Hardly Kno...

Tomorrow night is DADI 9: Back In The Saddle. Just in case you haven't checked the DADI site recently, please note we have moved the tourney to Full Tilt. Everything else is staying the same, including the password, which is pokertrust. I've posted the banner below for sure to click and enlarge it to get the full details. For the banner contest Jordan is running, there have been a couple of great entries. I hope I don't miss any, but here are the ones I've seen so far:

THG's Classic Stickfigure Donkey Action
Chipper's Asstastic Smellfest

Capital job fellas. Thanks for the effort. Jordan will be advising who gets the freeroll soon so check out his blog or the DADI site for details. Hope to see you all there. DADI 9 will be my last chance to play poker before The Bash At The Boathouse, so I'd love to toss some chips with fellow broggers before hitting the dusty trail towards Philly. Bring your game people.

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The Bad Blood Superstars Invitational Trip Report

With The Bash creeping ever closer, I figure I should get my previous trip report out of the way. I've been meaning to write this one out for some time, but just haven't been able to put words to Word (Microsoft that is). The picture to the left gives you an idea where things were headed (that is Bad Bloods kitchen counter, and his booze).

The Bad Blood Superstars Invitational was set for a start time of Saturday at 12pm (Labor Day weekend), but I have a buddy, Tron, that lives in G-Vegas, so I decided to hit the road after work that Friday. I was in G-Vegas by 8pm and by 8:30pm Tron and I were having our 1st beer. Another non poker playing buddy, Wheeler, was set to come in as well, but his ETA was closer to 11pm.

By 11:30pm we three were hitting the G-Vegas downtown. I must say, I was a very impressed with the G-Vegas night life and the downtown bars were quite hawesome. We lit it up pretty well and a good time was had by all. Before we knew it, the clock showed 3am and we were looking for a cab ride home. We were able to get a bartender to order us a cab and we waited outside for what felt like an hour. Finally the cab pulled around the corner and we started shuffling in.

As we were climbing into the cab this large obnoxious guido type came barreling out of the bar yelling at us that it was his cab. We informed him we called a cab nearly an hour ago and waited outside for it the entire time. He wanted none of that and yanked the passenger side door of the cab open and started threatening us. He was yelling and pointing fingers and pretty much being a royal ass. A security guard finally persuaded him to move away from the cab and we were off.

About a mile up the road the the cab lady informed us that she had to be paid up front for the ride. We all looked at each other perplexed as this one was new to us. How do you pay for something when you don't know the amount to pay? Tron was fitting the bill for this ride, so he whipped out nearly $50 and showed the lady and said, "I have the money and am happy to pay you when we get to my house." She, like the obnoxious cab thief, wanted none of that.

At this point the cab lady started barking demands that she get paid or she was taking us back to the bar. She called her boss and an even more likeable person answered the radio call. "Das rite, you gotz to pay to play people," she advised. We were all just ready to be asleep, but Tron was pissed. It turned into a "principle" situation and he was not going to let this beeatch get away with it. He told her to take us back to the bar and she immediately whipped the cab back and headed for the bar.

This is where things get weird and where I get to the point of why I'm telling a stupid cab story. As we pull into the parking lot, Guido tears a hole in the pavement from the door of the bar to the cab and starts ripping us a new asshole. As we step out of the cab he is mouthing off that we are disrespecting him by taking his cab and then bringing it back. He is getting in Tron's face and just flat out going off, but Tron is having none of it. Tron is just basically saying, "Dude, chill out, it was not your cab, but you are welcome to it now." This guy keeps mouthing off at the top of his lungs and finally is whisked away by security.

Neither party ended up taking that cab and we ended up waiting another good while for a cabbie who rocked. He got us where we needed to be and didn't make us pay up front. Mean while, as we rolled out of the parking lot, the security guards were still trying to settle down Captain Heart Attack. Worst.Episode.Ever. We ended up back at Trons house for more drinks before hitting the sack. I think my head hit the pillow around 6am.

Saturday rolled around rather quickly and before I knew it, I was on the road to Bad Bloods house. It was about 11:30am and I hit my first roadblock when I was trying to buy beer at a nearby gas station. I realized I had left my ID back at Tron's house, but was not going to drive back to his house since I was so close to Bad Blood's house. Luckily, the Blood home was stacked with alkeehol for the masses. By 12pm the chips hit the air and we were rollin'. I had my first beer when we started the first game and quickly realized I had finished my last drink only 6 hours earlier. It was going to be a long day. Of the six players at my table, I ended up finishing 3rd. I think I played well, but actually played a little too tight in the end. I recall, down to 3 players left, folding pocket 10's and A J twice to the chip leader. I have never played him before and was having a tough time reading him. Turns out he was pretty much loosey goosey with his chips and I probably would have been good with both of those hands.

The second tournament came around and that's when things started to get hairy. I had been pushing for SoCo shots and, like the troopers we are, more than 10 punters came along for the ride. We even had
Sir Al on the phone for a Dial-A-Shot. From then on, things would get a tad blurry. Numerous more shots were had throughout the day, including Tequila. I recall having a good time chatting it up at my second tourney table, but I don't think I did very well. I believe I finished 4th or 5th.

By the 3rd and final tournament for Saturday, my game was so wide open you could fit a dump truck in it. In other words, I was all over the place. I also did not do well, but had a great time in the process. I again believe I finished somewhere in the 4th or 5th range.

Since the tourneys were over for the day, we did what typical poker broggers do, and fired up some cash games. I managed to donk pretty much everything I had in my pockets (and more) by the end of the night. I had a damn good time losing my money though. You rat bastardos!

Somehow 9:00pm found its way into our lives much quicker than I expected and at this point I was lit up. I called Tron to come pick me up as there was no way I was driving. I had been drinking 9 hours and had not really eaten anything but a few sausage balls. For some reason when I'm drinking I have a hard time eating. I felt bad about this as there was some awesome food available.

Tron made it after a while and hung out with the broggers while we drank a little while longer. At some point, for whatever reason,
TeamScottSmith and I end up getting into a wrestling match in Bad Bloods front yard. Actually, it was less of a wrestling match and more of a who can knock down who match. In the end, after what felt like an eternity, we both hit the ground with a thud, at the same time. It was rather entertaining. TSS is a very funny dude. I recommend hanging with him if you get a chance.

We finally decided to hit the road and asked everyone if they wanted to hit the town with us. Only
Shep obliged, though he said he would meet us out. We weren't so sure if he was serious, but we were going either way. We made it to the bar after a while and to our surprise, Shep came out as well. I must say, he was quite the trooper the entire day. We drank at the bars for a few hours, then the idea of beer pong was mentioned. If you don't know what beer pong is, just look it up on Google cause this post is getting too damn long already.

We end up back at Shep's house with his son and cousin and play beer pong until the wee hours of the morning. I think it was 3am when I finally hit a wall and could do no more. I had been drinking for 15 hours straight and had not had enough food to counter attack the alkeehol. I took a break from the beer pong to go piss and the next thing I know I am receiving a phone call. Turns out I had made a B-line to Tron's car and fallen asleep on his hood face down. I was just sprawled out on his hood in the middle of this neighborhood.

The phone call was from Tron as he was looking for is beer pong partner. As I lay their on the hood, I answered the phone and told him I was apparently on a car. He said he was on his way and I was back asleep with the phone still open by the time he made it to his car. He apparently got a kick out of that one, as did I when he told me the story the next day.

Sunday rolled around all too quickly, and before I knew it I was on the road back to Greensboro. About 30 minutes from home my car broke down and I was stranded. I ended up finally getting a tow truck and made it home around 11pm. I had left G-Vegas around 3pm and it was only a 3 hour drive, so my hung over ass was whooped. Thankfully I did not have to work the next day as it was Labor Day. Getting the car fixed up ended up costing $700 which stung a little. Still I had a kick ass time.

I just want to again thank Bad Blood and Mrs. Bad Blood for a great time. Everyone was hella cool and I'm glad I got to meet some new peeps and see others again. I can't wait for the next G-Vegas event.

In the meatime,
The Bash should be rather cool this weekend.

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So You Wanna Be A Blogger?

3 non pokery posts in a row. WTF is up with me?

So anyway, I was perusing my Google homepage and came across the following Wiki. Hell, I don't even know what a Wiki really is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the wikipedia. Here is the link to the Wiki page, but I'm posting it below as well. Looks like someone had a case of the Mondays when they wrote this one. For fun, read it once normally, then go back and read it again, but add the word "poker" before the words blogger and blog. Enjoy...

How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger

What a buzz all the bloggers are making these days! It seems like just about everybody is pouring their musings into a text box. Are you feeling tempted to start a blog of your own? Here are some ways to bypass the trend.


  1. Find five completely random blogs, and read them daily for a month. After thirty days, you will absolutely dread your self-imposed requirement to read all that dreck. Any blog you create will most likely be on par with what you've been reading. Don't put anyone through that.
  2. Consider that your voice, even if it is truly a good one, is a tiny peep against the massive wave of tripe out there. The odds of anyone you don't already know finding your blog are low.
  3. Write on a regular basis in a text editor instead. If that doesn't satisfy your urge, and you feel that you must post your blog online, then you might just be craving attention and validation--which you'll never truly find in a blog. If you give up on your Wordpad journal after about three days, you'll do the same with a blog that just takes up server space.
  4. Ask yourself if you really have the time to commit to a blog. What about that treehouse you wanted to build? Or the book you wanted to write? Or the car you wanted to fix up? Or the restaurant you wanted to take your significant other to? Or the new career you wanted to pursue? Instead of writing about pretty much nothing, or whining about all the things you wish you were doing instead, start doing something that'd actually be worth writing about. And if it's really worth writing about, you'll be having too much fun doing it to tear yourself away from it.


  • Rest easy in the knowledge that it's perfectly okay and respectable to not have a blog at all.
  • If attention and validation are what you're looking for, know that you will get neither from blogging. As above, very few people will ever know that your blog (or you, by proxy) exists. The remainder of comments posted to your blog will be sappy treacle, which you won't trust as being sincere anyway.
  • Consider writing on a wiki instead. Unlike most blogs, wikis like Wikipedia and wikiHow are read by millions of people each month. Several wikiHow authors receive "fan mail" messages every day from appreciative readers. In addition, many authors discover that they enjoy the wiki collaborative writing process more than writing in solitude.
  • If you plan to use a blog as a way of keeping in touch with a group of people, such as friends, family, or co-workers, then you may want to make sure it's inaccessible to the public (for the public's sake as well as yours). Using a message board instead of a blog can simplify matters and help keep it interactive.

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Hey Blogger...Here's An Idea...

Another short post today peeps. Time is money and I need more of both...

Have you ever left a comment on someones blog that you wanted to make sure you checked back on later? Maybe you asked a question or wanted to see the responses other people give. I do that shit all the time, but my problem is I read so many damn blogs and comment on a good number of them that I forget who, when and where I commented.

Here's an idea...

If you are leaving a message on a Blogger post and you have a Blogger account, Blogger should offer an option where you check a box if you would like to be emailed to your Blogger email account anytime someone replies to that particular post. That way, if you leave that particular person a comment that you want to remember to check back on for a response, you can have it emailed to you.

If there is already something out there like that, please let me know. If not, hey blogger, whatcha think?!

That is all.

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Gizolf Anyone?

It's amazing the things you can find to do when you're not working or playing poker. I've been a bit under the weather the last few days and finally decided to just come home early today. TripWife is also not feeling well so I figured it would be better to be home so we could take turns sleeping, then watching the kids.

While I've been awake, I decided to play around on the computer and ended up getting knee deep into the Google Earth software I downloaded a while back. This software is off the hook. In a matter of an hour I've been all over the world and seen a ton of stuff. From Big Ben to Iraq to Greenland and back, I've seen it all.

During my virtual travels I cam across the The Great Pyramids of Giza. I must say I was surprized to find a golf course so close to the pyramids (click the picture for a larger version). How weird is that? Part of me thinks it is ridiculous to build a golf course so close to a worldly landmark, but another part of me wants to go play at that course. How cool would it be to tee off at the 8th hole and have the Pyramids right smack dab in view? Pretty much bad ass. Still, I think I have to go with the notion that it is quite ridiculous to put up a golf course that close.

Chalk this up to a non-pokery post. That's what happens when you're not playing poker.


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DADI 9 and The Funk

I implore you to click through the picture on the left to see the larger version of the DADI 9 banner. Jordan did a hella good job with this one. Every time I look at that donkey riding the horse I crack up.

A big thanks go out to
VegasPokerPro and PokerOnAMac for again sliding back in the saddle to help sponsor DADI 9. Their support has been awesome and I appreciate their involvement.

For details on everything
DADI 9, be sure to check out the DADI site. There is a cool banner contest being offered (see banner contest addendum here) as well as a revenge bounty. Jordan always comes up with some crazy shit and I dig it.

Yours truly has been in a bit of a funk lately. I have not enjoyed poker and it shows in my work ethic and my results. It looks as though I may be done with poker for a couple of weeks (probably until DADI 9 and the Bash). Worry not dear readers, I still have the gusto to challenge this game, but right now I need a break.

Honestly it comes at a good time. I have zero bankroll. It won't be long before I can get back in the mix of things, but right now I have nothing. Don't cry for me Argentina...I didn't lose it all in a flaming ball of tilt. Here's how it went down. I cashed out a portion for my recent G-Vegas trip. Between my horrid play and nights on the town, I spent a hefty amount there, but all in fun.

I also cashed out some for my upcoming
Bash trip. Finally, we had some family stuff come up that required me to pull out whatever remained (except a small amount I donked off at Titan this weekend). Some people may not agree when it comes to their bankroll, but for me Family > Bankroll. I can always build a bankroll, so when my family is in need, I do what I have to do. For now, this may keep me from hitting the bigger limits, but I sleep well at night.

That's all for today folks. I swear I'll get out of the funk, so no need to worry about me. Methinks breaks are a good thing.

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Damn The Man

Could anything else I touch break?

Let's review:

On the way back from G-Vegas my car broke down and I ended up stuck in po-dunk needing a tow truck and a ride at 9pm on Sunday. This after leaving G-Vegas at 3pm on a trek home that should have only taken 3 hours. The tow was $50 (not bad actually) and I got home after 11pm absolutely whooped. Thank goodness I had Monday off. Lets just say I did absolutely no labor on Labor Day.

The bill to fix the car ended up being $700, which was actually not bad for what was done, but extremely painful to our pocket. Oh well.

Moving on...Last night really put my nerves to the test. I had been online for about an hour just horsing around (not the poker game) when all of a sudden my laptop screen went blank. I could tell the computer part of the laptop was still working because I had music playing in the background and I heard the noise that Yahoo IM makes when someone sends a chat message.

This "blackout" was not at the best of times considering it was 8:45pm and I had already signed up for the Tanner Evers Charity Tourney scheduled at 10:00pm. I was able to get the screen to barely show for about a minute, but that was the end of it. In the end my laptop screen is on the fritz. This really pisses me off considering I've had the laptop for less than 2 years.

Has anyone else ever had this happen where their laptop screen just went blank even though the computer is still running ok? Is it an easy fix or am I screwed? I really know nothing about this, but I'm hoping it is not an expensive fix. I bought it at Best Buy and don't think I purchased a warranty. Should I take it back to the store to have their service group fix it up?

As for the tourney last night, I was unable to play, but probably finished higher than I would have if I had played. I was not pissed about the missed buy-in since it was for charity, but it still bugs me cause I really wanted to play the tourney with you guys. To everyone who played at my table, sorry I missed it and I hope you enjoyed my blinds. Bastardos!

Next up on the broken list was my poker game. Since I've been back from G-Vegas, I've been slapped in the face left and right. I won't go into details cause I don't dig bitching about poker in this brog. I will say I can't recall having so many pair over pair 4 to 1 favorites go down in flames.

One thing I'm pretty proud of is I no longer let everyone and their greasy granny know when I'm running bad or tilting. Every time I've taken a slap in the face this past week, I've just shaken my head in silence and moved on. Even the wifey has no idea I'm running bad.

Well that's gonna have to do it. I don't think I bitch too often in this here brog, so thanks for sticking with me while I let off a little steam and get a few things out.

I would seriously appreciate any help you techie geeks can give about my laptop. It is an HP and I don't remember the exact model, though I can find it. In fact, I did a post about it when I bought it so if need be I can search for it.

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Tanner Evers Charity Tourney TONIGHT

Today sucked at work. I've been wanting to post my G-Vegas trip the last few days, but have had no time. Regardless, I'm real remiss in pimping the Tanner Charity tourney tonight. Therefore, with a shameless copy and paste straight from Mookie's site, I offer you...

Tonight is the first of two charity tournaments planned for Tanner Evers. The goal is to have at least 30 players for tonight. Right now we have 22. Here are the details for tonight...

Here are the list of prizes that have been donated by some really cool and generous people (Prize pool - $250 donated by CC and $100 by slb159):

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G-Vegas Ho!

Gonna have a few short and sweets today. We'll see how things go.

First off, in a few hours I head out towards G-Vegas for the Second Annual BadBlood Poker Superstars Invitational, with the likes of...


Stan McKinney
Teddy Ballgame
Dave G

I'm too lazy to link any of them, or even remove myself, but I know you will understand.

I can't wait to meet up with these folks. Some I've met before, others not so much. The festivities begin tomorrow, but I'm headed down tonight to get raucous with some buddies. Alcohol and fun will be had by all, all weekend. I will most likely be hungover when the chips start a flyin'. See you tomorrow folks.

Last night I played in the Gavin Smith Charity Satellite. You know the one with the banner of Clonie Gowen looking all hot (just scroll down to see what I mean). Anyway, I think I played well, stayed in the mix, kept up my aggression, but in the end fell short. I actually was bubble boy to the final table. That means 10th place and no where near making the grade, but it makes me feel good to bubble the final table. I really felt I had a chance, but it didn't work out.

On my final hand I had AK against KJ and a J on the board was my undoing. I really think I played the hand too passively and should have just pushed preflop. At that point my fold equity would have been enough methinks. As it were, the way I played my hand was bad news and I set my self up to lose. I'd rather get it all in there pre-flop than donk out meekly the way I did.

That is poker and I have a ton of learning to do.

Well hell, that's it for me. I thought I'd have a ton more to right about, but I just realized what time it is. I have a ton of work to do before I hit the road toward G-Vegas. This weekend, fellow poker broggers, don't forget.

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