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The Truth About Lance Ass

Many of you may recall my shocking announcement in June that Blogs Are Indeed Gay. As is usually the case, the plot thickens...

Recently you may have seen the news that Lance Bass, of 'N Sync fame, announced he is gay. It has been all over the news and magazines. What you may not have noticed, however, is the fine print on the People Magazine cover. I was absolutely blown away and had to do a double take while standing in the grocery line.

As a favor to my dear readers, I found the cover online and have added it to this post over on the left. Enjoy.

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Adios Poker In Arrears

No, I'm not quitting this here brog. Quite the contrary. This morning I decided I was going to make a few changes to ye ole brog. Specifically, I was fed up with my template. Not so much with the look as the functionality. Lots of little nit-picky behind the scenes stuff that bugs the shite out of me. So, If you're reading this through bloglines, or another reader, go ahead and click through to see all the changes I've made.

First off, I've changed my template. You'll notice most of the same stuff from before, but in different places.

Second, I've dropped Poker In Arrears as my title. It is now TripJax and I've got a new tagline. When people come to read my brog, I want them to remember TripJax. It is easy to remember, but it can get confusing when the brog address is and the title is Poker In Arrears. So, I enjoyed it while it lasted, and I still think it is funny, but adios Poker In Arrears. If you are ever in an updating mood and have me on your links list as Poker In Arrears, just change it over to TripJax.

Third, I moved the sidebar from the left side to the right. This was more of necessity with the template update. I also added a Search function on the sidebar.

Fourth, I no longer need HaloScan as this template works with Brogger Comments. Hellz Yeah.

With every change usually comes road blocks, so bare with me over the next few weeks as I figure out any and all bugs. If you notice something that looks wack or doesn't view correctly in your browser, please let me know so I can investigate. One thing that was annoying in the old template is I had to type the title not only in the title box, but also in the message of the body in order to get it to show on the main page. As a result, if you are ever reading my old posts you'll see the title twice. That won't happen with future posts. That was just one of the reasons this new template is a good thing.

I have a few other ideas for this brog template and how it could incorporate well with some other projects going on, but that will have to wait for another time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the new digs.

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This Just In: Alcohol and Re-buys A Lethal Combination

This Just In: Alcohol and Re-buys A Lethal Combination

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a blast at DADI 8. I took it for what it entertainment.

As usual, the chat was great and the cards were wild. I *cough* re-bought 9 times *cough* and still didn't win the $5 Jordan offered to whoever re-buys the most. He ended up getting to keep the $5 after re-buying 14 times. We are Poker Champ.

And for the record, boycotting is ghey.

As you may recall from my earlier post, I ended up playing the tourney from my favorite bar. The night started early as a buddy and I went to a new bar downtown called Rum Runners. On Wednesdays they have $.75 well drinks. Nine vodka drinks later, I'm lit and ready to head to the The Speakeasy Tavern to play the tourney (for the record, I wasn't driving).

I get there at 8:15pm and get things set for the tourney. The drinks continue to flow like water. This bar has an upstairs area with couches so I knew that would most likely be my spot. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the wifi was not working as well up there. I had to learn this early on in the tournament when I was dealt AA and then lost connection. Doh! I went back downstairs and sat at the bar and didn't have anymore problems. Well, with the connection that is.

I don't recall very much about the tourney last night, other than sucking early, then building a decent stack, then busting with QQ in the small blind against KK in the big blind. I have no regrets, had a great time, and am looking forward to DADI 9, whenever and whatever it may be.

I did learn a very simple lesson last night. Alcohol and re-buys don't mix. I had a damn good time learning that lesson though.

A big thank you to everyone who showed up to play. We had an amazing $1400+ in the prize pool. That is pretty damn cool.

For those who have left comments recently, I just want to say thanks. Lots of stuff going on in TripJaxville and it is great to know folks out there are around to let me know what they think.

That's it for now!

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Bar Poker

Bar Poker

First, I want to toss out a quick reminder regarding
DADI 8 tonight. Be there or be somewhere else, but I've heard somewhere else has herpes, so be at DADI 8.

Don't forget, The Mookie will not run this week so that DADI can happen in July. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Mookie and the other broggers that run weekly tourneys are great guys for working with us at times like these. Thank you fellas.

Interestingly, I may be hosting and playing from a wireless connection at my favorite watering hole, The Speakeasy Tavern. That feels rather
AlCantHangish, eh?! The wife and kids are away for a few days and it just feels right to attempt to combine two of my favorite pastimes, going out drinking & playing poker. Jordan, GCox, and I hope you can make it and I'm sure VegasPokerPro and PokerOnAMac would be appreciative as well. As usual, both sponsors are offering some free swag for the tourney, including $100 added to the prize pool and lots of free VPP points towards gifts and gift certificates. Further details on the prizes are here or here.

Moving on... continues to list poker near the bottom of the list of priorities for me lately. I had hoped to play the Hoy on Monday, but so much is going on right now I just can't fit it all in. For starters, I found out a few weeks back that our office is under review/audit through August 18th. It is an internal audit, but the preparation is grueling and many long hours at work are ahead.

My job is VERY dependent on having a "good showing" each year. Pass the annual audit and get a raise, praise, and nice bonus. Fail the annual audit and get no raise, no bonus, and a soft nudge towards the exit. It is my Super Bowl, and failing is not an option, thus I put a ton of pressure on myself to get the job done. I know I will do well, but usually my hobbies take a back seat until it is all over.

To make things even more interesting (and hectic), I was offered a job within the company doing the same thing I do now, but in a bigger office in a larger market. The job would require moving the family to another city so it is a big deal for us. I've been in Greensboro for 21 years, more than 2/3 of my life, and I really like this town. I've always told myself I would not chase money at the cost of my families happiness, so this makes it a little difficult.

Actually, at the moment they are not making it too difficult as I feel they are low balling me on their offer. Lets just say I was hoping for something in the range of 30% - 50% salary increase, based on my experience, the increase in cost of living, and the larger market. Instead they came in with an offer less than 20%. I just don't know that I want to uproot the family for what feels like a lateral move. To go through selling a house, buying a new house in a more expensive city, and everything else that goes into a move, I have to feel like I'm going to be coming out ahead. As it stands right now, I feel like I might net more on my paycheck, but it will go towards a higher cost of living and bigger city expenses.

Luckily, I have a good job and I don't have to move so the ball is in my court. I may counteroffer some outrageous amount and if they say yes, then we might move. If they say no, I will still have my current job with no worries.

Ssorry to dump loads of non-pokery stuff on you today, but I've been meaning to write about things that have been keeping me a little distant from being able to brog as much as I normally like. Still, thanks for reading and for giving me any input via comments when you get the urge.

After winning The Mookie last week, Mook asked me some questions. If you haven't checked that post out, you can here. I wonder what next weeks Mookie will be called. Doesn't the next week tourney usually get some wacked out name based on the previous weeks winner. I can't wait to see that one.

Well, that's it for me. Thanks for reading.

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Trust The Hammer...Believe In The Hammer...The Hammer Is Your Friend

Trust The Hammer...Believe In The Hammer...The Hammer Is Your Friend

Check this:

Trust The Hammer

I don't think I played this hammer hand very well, but at the same time, I had my reasons for each play. First off, I should have raised pre-flop to make it an official hammer hand, but I was hoping to punish the min raiser if I nailed the flop.

When I missed the flop, I decided to keep my aggression running by betting into the pre-flop raiser. At some tables, having the opportunity to be first to act is an advantage. This was one of those tables. I had nearly 4000 at the start of the hand so I felt I could either take the hand down there or get away if I'm raised. No matter what, I was obviously not going to check this hand down since I figured there was only one way to win getting him to fold. I was wrong, there was another way to win it.

On the flop, I like my bet of 350 into 450. It gives me a chance to take down the pot with a decent size bet, but also allows me to get away without losing much if I'm raised. At times this type of bet looks like I want a call so it has its advantages when people get afraid I'm trapping. As for my opponent, though there is no flush draw out there on the flop, and he has top pair top kicker, I still don't like his smooth call of my bet. In the big blind and only calling a min raise, I could easily have hands that coordinate with the 4 5 and give me a chance to open up even more outs on the turn. As it were, that is exactly what happened when the 7 hit the turn.

I'm not sure I like my turn bet of 500. I'm still not happy with my hand at that point, but in my mind, checking is basically giving him the green light to take advantage of me. When I made the bet, I was trying to leave the guy an out. If he makes the call I know I'm in deep trouble, but the bet puts him in serious trouble for the tournament if he calls and loses. If he folds, he still has 10 times the big blind and can pick a better place to battle.

When he called my 500, I knew I was probably toast unless the river helped me. Still I knew no matter what I would have 2500 if we got it all in and I lost. He on the other hand would be out of the tournament. When the 2 hit the river I knew the hammer had set me free. During the hand, when he called my 350, I had a feeling he had A 5 and had min raised pre-flop since it had folded to him. As it were, I got very lucky with the river 2 to take him out and build a healthy stack.

Surprisingly the dude didn't make an comments in the chat after I had to show down the hammer for the win. I was just waiting for it, but he left it alone. After showing down that hand, I knew I would probably have to change up my play a bit and take advantage of what the players now knew about my potential play. I did take advantage of it and ended up finishing 3rd out of 45 entrants. Booya.

I rarely ever put hand histories on this brog, but for some reason I felt like discussing the hand. I know my play was not ideal, but I don't really like my opponents play either. I'd like to hear what my readers think in the comments...

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Me Likey The Mookie

Me Likey The Mookie

Well how about that, I finally won one of those damn things. I shouldn't be very surprised it took so long as I haven't played many brogger tourneys lately. It's like the lottery, you gotta buy a ticket in order to have a chance to win.

The above duly noted, I must first thank GCox for asking me if I was going to play The Mookie last night. Had he not mentioned it, I would surely have ended up watching TV with TripWife or something else. Thanks G.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank DNasty who consistently IM'd me with words of encouragement throughout the night. It was as if he knew it was my night and was going to keep me focused, all the while he was playing in the tourney too. That was cool of you D, so thanks again.

As for last night, sometimes things just go your way. I felt focused and played my ass off, though on a couple of hands hit some crucial cards at the right time. The first hand that set the tone for the night was, I think, against Kelly. I had AA and he pushed all in pre-flop with, I believe 88, which was obviously an easy call for me. Thankfully there were no suck outs and I quickly went into 1st place.

The next hand that changed my night relatively early on was against 6tours4lance. I had KQ and the flop came down X Q K (can't recall the first card off hand, but I think it might have been slightly scary for a straight, but not a flush). When the Ace hit on the turn, I still felt I was best, and I had this feeling he had AT suited. Little did I know, with his T J in the hole, he was open ended and the turn actually filled his straight. A suh-weet King hit the river giving me a full house and a healthy 1st place chip stack.

It was a tough hand, but worth another look. Preflop I'm ahead and on the flop I think I'm ahead, but only slightly with his open-ended straight draw. On the turn I'm hurt pretty bad and obviously behind, but the river then saved me. So I lead every street but one, but it is still a pretty harsh beat on the end for lance to take.

From there all I really recall is playing uber aggressive and rarely being played back at. I did hit a road block around the time we got down to 2 tables, but I managed to stay in 1st place most of the night and don't really recall being below 2nd place at any point except in the beginning. When we got to heads-up, I had a nice stack and got it all-in preflop against 23skidoo with my TT versus his A4 suited. An Ace hit the board and just like that he had the big stack. At one point I was down to my last 7k or so with a flop of 2 A A and about 10k in the pot. I pushed all-in with 7 high (but not the hammer) and thankfully he folded. He calls there and I definitely lose the match. As it were, I went on a rush and ended up having a dominating last hand to win the tourney.

I do remember remember dropping the hammer at least twice at the final table, and once heads-up. That felt good.

The thing about last night, and my last few tourneys for that matter, is I've felt extremely focused. I'm constantly keeping up with my "M" and keeping an eye on the table and where my opponents stand. I could almost sense what people were going to do, based on the fact that I knew they had to make moves at certain times. I played aggressive when I felt I could, and backed down pre-flop when I had a feeling someone was going to push all-in because of their stack size.

The feeling I had throughout the tourney was rather surreal, which was nice for a change. Oh, and it helps to win races, which was also nice for a change.

If I sucked out on you last night, sorry, but it feels good to finally win one of these things.

I'm hoping I can play the Hoy this coming Monday, but I know for sure I'll be playing the BloggerPods tourney on Sunday. Hope to see you at both.

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Calling All Bloggers

Calling All Bloggers

I am registered in the BloggerPods poker tournament on
Usually I'm a big a fan of overlay, but I really hope to see more folks sign up for the above blogger tourney. For those that don't know, is the brain child of a fellow blogger, dbirider, from The Poker Bus.

Back when we were thinking it would be cool to offer some free shit at the DADI tourneys, dbirider was one of a number of sites who stepped up and was willing to offer some free swag. He's been a co-sponsor ever since and I think that has worked well. Now I'm hoping I can help him with his tourney.

Check these details:

On Sunday, July 23rd at 6pm est, is holding a $1 blogger only poker tournament on Full Tilt Poker. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will all receive iPods and recoginition as Bloggerpods champions.

The Prizes:
1st: 30gb iPod Video
2nd: 2gb iPod Nano
3rd: iPod Shuffle
Top Finishers: The $1 entry fee goes 100% towards the prizepool, and will be paid out accordingly

To Enter:
Have a quality active blog with at least 10 posts.
Let your audience know you're registered in the
Fill out the quick Registration Form.

Currently, there are not too many bloggers signed up. I realize most of the time people sign up for tourneys closer to the date, but if you get a chance, go give this one a look see early. Your chances of winning an iPod will be pretty damn good methinks. Like I said, I love overlay, but I'd really like to work a little bit more for this prize. It's only $1 so lets give this one a go.

If you have any questions let me know.

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DADI 8 Details

DADI 8 Details

DADI 8 time is near so pimping is in gear. Let me start this off by thanking Mookie for putting his weekly tourney on hiatus that week so that DADI can do its thing. In other words, if you were planning on playing in The Mookie on July 26th, you should sign-up for DADI 8 instead. With the ton of work Mookie puts into each of his weekly tourneys, he could probably use a break anyway.

As most of you know, since DADI is only once a month, and not on any particular day of the week, it can sometimes be difficult to schedule with the weekly tourneys going on. Luckily, broggers have this tendency of being hella cool, thus we never have had a problem. So thanks Mookie for working with us.

As for DADI 8 details, we've dubbed it the Rebuy in July. Since it is a rebuy, we brought the buy-in down to $5 so your bankroll won't hate us. Yes, to some of you $5 is a drop in the bucket, but to others it starts to add up if you start needing to rebuy. Anyway, it is not about the buy-in, but the good times right?!

To spice things up, Jordan has a little buy-in promotion for DADI 8. He'll offer up $5.50 (your initial buy-in free!) to the person who rebuys the most. You'll have to check with him on details, but I'm guessing the number of rebuys can be confirmed via account activity or by getting an email from Stars support. I'm thinking honor system would be best however.

As in the past, we've got more prizes to give away. Check it: was kind enough to put up an added $100 into the prize-pool! That is suh-weet folks., is offering 800 VPP Points for 1st place, redeemable for such great gifts as a $50 gift certificate to or BestBuy. Second place gets 400 VPP Points, which is redeemable for more prizes, including a $25 gift certificate. Poor, poor bubble boy (or girl) gets 400 VPP Points to ease the pain. And finally, knock out VPP_Dave and earn a 400 VPP Point bounty! Folks, that's a shit ton stuff being given away.

If you want to pimp DADI 8, here are some pics to use...

Rerun Small

Rerun Large
Donkey Large

That's all for today...lataz.

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I'll go into more detail on Monday, but for now, this picture will have to do. Lets light this candle.

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Blog Spotlight: Poking and Peaking

Blog Spotlight: Poking and Peaking

I've been a pretty shitty blogger lately. Life sometimes kicks you in the ass, but I won't dwell on that right now. My next post will probably explain a little bit better why I've been "distant" lately.

Geez, I make it sound like I'm dating my blog and we're having problems. Erm, that's not it folks. I'll get to an explanation later, but for now I'm moving on.

Back when I did my last Blog Spotlight, while making my decision on who to pick, it came down to Iakaris or
PokerPeaker. As you probably already know, I went with Iakaris last time, however I knew at that time whoever I didn't choose would be my next Spotlight. With that said (or written) let me introduce PokerPeaker to any and all who have yet to check him out.

Let's start this spotlight with an explanation of his name. From one of his
early posts:

I need to explain my name, I think, lest you think I'm a pervert. I climb mountains. I've just climbed all 54 14ers in Colorado, which is a pretty big deal, if you live in Colorado (if you live anywhere else, you probably don't give a shit). And my friends call playing poker "poking." I'm not sure why.So...I'm not a pervert. That is all.
I thought that was pretty funny myself.

And more recently, I really dug
this post, which is not pokery at all. Sometimes, however, a sneak peek at the person that is behind the blog is better than anything else. Sure we are poker bloggers, but we are people first. I was going to put an excerpt below, but instead, just click here and go check it out for yo-self. It's worth it.

As I'm to understand, Peaker is an editor/reporter/journalist. I often see his skills come out in his blog, but I know the blog is his release away from the professional aspect of writing. Still he manages to often bring the goods on his blog as well.

Peaker cares about what he writes and he wants to be read. I can see that in his writing and I think that is great. I hope this little Spotlight sends a couple of folks his way. Good luck Peaker.

And before I forget, the above pic is a banner I made in case you want it, Peaker. Click on the pic to get the banner size version. I will tell you this, though it looks pretty basic, for a newbie Photoshop guy, that banner was a big accomplishment. I was doing all kinds of new stuff I had never done before. That said, if you don't dig, you won't hurt my feelings. It is more of a learning experience for me. If you like it, however, let me know and I'll help you get it set up.

On a quick side note, it looks like DADI 8 is coming together quite nicely and we should have details out soon. Methinks it will be the DADI 8: Rebuy in July with some extra money added to the prize pool and a $5 buy-in and rebuy schedule. Once I know more and can get a date and details together I'll let you all know.

Previous Blog Spotlights:

9 2 Offsuit
Will Wonka
Sir Waffles

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Pressure Poker by Scott Gallant

Pressure Poker by Scott Gallant

I'm writing this post knowing full well that many of my readers are in Vegas or at least headed that way. While I'm bummed that I can't make it this year, I know that eventually I will get to meet many of the broggers I've yet to meet.

I'm hoping the Bash at the Boat is in my future, which would be the shiz. We'll see. For now, I ponder, if you write a post and no one is around to read it, did you really right it in the first place? Hhhmmm...moving on...

A few months ago I got an email from DoubleAs inquiring if I could help him with the cover of his book. I have to admit, I was extremely flattered that I would show up on his radar in regards to his book. Specifically, he had an idea for the cover, but couldn't accomplish it on his own, so he went to the folks he knew would be there to help...fellow broggers.

Here's the problem though...I'm really not very good at doing this stuff. Sure I've thrown a few banners up recently for folks and I've helped others out with their templates in the past, but I really don't know much. For the most part, I'm throwing out cookie cutter banners that don't require much work or thought. When I do a banner, it is simply because I'm trying to learn...and for the most part...from scratch. As a result I spend a lot of time with trial and error and hoping I get it right eventually.

When Scott came to me, I thought his idea was hawesome, but I have to admit I wasn't sure how to get it done. I started playing around with ways of doing it, and eventually started to get it going, but I wasn't happy with my end result(s). I kept at it for a while cause I really wanted to get it done, but eventually I started to realize I would not be able to get it done in the time frame he needed.

Later that day I was preparing an email reply to Scott letting him know there might be some better broggers out their for the job, but right as I was about to hit Send I got an email from him. Thankfully, he had also sent the inquiry to Duggle and he had been able to get it done. A small part of me (my left pinky) was bummed...not that Duggle was able to get it done, but that I was not able to get it done. More importantly, I was very happy Duggle had gotten the pic done for Scott cause I knew that was a big part of getting his book on the market.

For the record, Scott I can't wait to get your book in the mail soon, and Duggle, I think your pic looks hawesome.

All that said, I think it is time you click on the picture to the left and go buy your copy. Using that link will help DoubleAs out so go do it yo. I purchased mine today and I should have it within a week. Booya!

In the past I have mentioned certain broggers who are "what's right about this poker brogging community." I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned DoubleAs in that group before, but let it be known right here and now, Scott is what is right about this community. Keep up the great poker playing and brog writing Double.

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Sad Times

Sad Times

To the left is a screen shot of the spreadsheet I mentioned in my previous post. I gave it a try last night and am happy to report I think it helped my game. Specifically, I played in two 180 player SNG's on PokerStars and I felt like using the spreadsheet really helped me stay focused on the task at hand.

I'm not saying this will be for everyone, or even that I'll use it down the road, but for now it seems to help me focus as well as remind me when I need to start making some moves and get myself back into the mix before it is too late.

One of my weaknesses in the past has been that I build an average stack and then watch it dwindle as I turn from aggressive to conservative hoping to make the money. By the time we get near the bubble, I'm usually at or near the bottom in chip count. At that point it is too late to make my mark and I usually make an unremarkable exit near the bubble or in the bottom money spot. Not good.

At the very least, using the zone system and the spreadsheet has kept me constantly aware of the blinds and my current "M". I'm thinking of making some modifications and possibly creating one for each type of SNG/MTT I tend to play so inputting the info will be a bit easier. We'll see.

As for last night, in the first 180 SNG I went out with about 80 remaining when my flopped straight was waxed by a runner, runner back door flush draw. I do think I played well, but the cards didn't fall my way on that one. Das poka. On the second one, I finished in the money in 12th place (18 pay). I managed to make a good run after being down to my last 400 when the average was 3500ish. Gotta love those rushes. Hopefully I can make the final table and win a few of those things in the near future.

Regarding my post yesterday, I did get an email offering some help from, I believe, someone named joxum, but I didn't get a chance to reply back yet. If you are reading this, thanks for your time and help. I appreciate it.

Things around the office here are pretty laid back for the most part. Sure there's the occasional butting of heads, but more often than not we are a pretty jovial, laugh it up office. So yesterday when I heard some yelling in our back office area I figured it was a group of co-workers joking about this or that. I recall having a fellow co-worker in my office and we both looked at each other quizzically and she commented, "something's really funny or really bad back there." I chimed in, "I'm sure it is something funny." I was wrong.

The noise was a fellow co-worker screaming after getting a call from her ex-husband that their 16 year old daughter had been shot in the back. It was 3:45 pm and details where very sketchy at that point, but one of the Financial Advisors here rushed her to the hospital.

As of this morning a little more light has been shed on the situation. The daughter was at her cousin's house hanging out since it is summer break and there was not much else to do. Apparently they got into a small argument and she stood up to leave the room. The cousin, a 16 year old boy described to me by a fellow co-worker as "troubled", pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger twice, but nothing happened. On the third attempt, however, it fired and shot the girl in the back.

The bullet went through her back, collapsed her lung, and continued on a rampage of damage. Currently she is in critical condition and the doctors have confirmed she is paralyzed from the waist down and will not walk again.

Knowing the family and especially the mother and daughter, it breaks my heart to see them go through this. My prayers are with the family. I know, no matter how things turn out, their lives will never be the same again.

Here is the latest article from the small online newspaper in Reidsville, NC. It is the only report I could find.

I heard about my co-workers daughter at around 3:45 pm, then got home at 5:00pm and read the sad news about Obie's son. I just want to send my condolences to Obie and his family at the tragic loss of their son, Alex, on July 3rd.

After hearing the news of both families in a span of about an hour, my heart felt like it was about to burst, so I can only imagine what both of the families are going through right now.

Death is ultimately a part of every single person's life, but that does not make it right or easy.

The TripJax family is keeping both families in our prayers.

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Como estan, beetches?

Como estan, beetches?

Yeah, so having a few days vacation rocked. We went to a farm on 1600 acres of land and pretty much did nothing, which was hawesome. I took a poker book with me, but didn't even read a single page. Most of the time I just sat on the porch in a rocking chair with beer in hand. That's livin' right folks. Unfortunately I'm back in the saddle at work today. Reality sometimes bites.

We did do some fishing and TripBoy caught his first fish, a 1 pound bass. He's all growzed up now.

All in all it was a great 4th of July vacation.

Though I didn't give poker much thought while on vacation, I did manage to keep it in mind when we got back to the house. I almost pulled the trigger on playing the 20k guarantee on Full Tilt, but some friends came over so I bagged that idea. Instead I decided to play around with Google's new online spreadsheet. Specifically, I
created a spreadsheet that gives you a quick glance of your "M" while playing tournaments and SNG's.

Basically you can just open up this spreadsheet before you start a tourney and then input a couple of numbers and it will spit out your current "M". You can update the numbers anytime you want to see your "M". For anyone who sucks at crunching numbers quickly while playing an online tourney, this spreadsheet might help.

I'm new to Google Spreadsheets, so I'm not sure exactly how others can use it. As I'm to understand, I can invite anyone with a Google "gmail" account to use the spreadsheet, but I'm not sure what happens from there. I want anyone who would like a copy to use it, but I'm not sure if each person just saves it to their own Google Spreadsheet, or uses this particular one. I'd much rather folks just save it for their own spreadsheet so this one does not get modified.

If anyone can help me out with understanding how it works, then I'd be glad to open it up to others if they would like. I just need to figure out all the logistics. It is really nothing special, but I figured I would throw something together and see what happens. Once I get things together, if you have a gmail and want me to invite you to use the spreadsheet just let me know.

That's going to be it for me today. Laterz and thanks for reading.

It looks like the link to my spreadsheet might not be working so I'll try and remember to just do a screenshot when I get home so you can see it.

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