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A buddy of mine (yes he's giving you the bird and yes that is a cornhole board in the background)occasionally sends me the Urban Word of the Day from The Urban Dictionary whenever he thinks I will dig it. This morning I got an email from him with the below entry attached. He assumed I would already have heard this one before, but in fact I have not. I thought I would share with everyone since today is Friday and I don't have shit to write about. Thus, enjoy...

Urban Word of the Day

June 29, 2007: chipdrunk

In poker, having so many chips that you make bad calls and bets. It usually is the result of winning one or more big pots and usually is followed up by being "[down to the felt]"

"Eric gets chipdrunk and spews chips everywhere when he's the big stack at the table."

Interestingly, I was getting caught up on my WPT episodes on my DVR last night and there was a situation where Kido Pham did indeed get chipdrunk. He had just doubled up to gain a slight chiplead with 6 players remaining and blinds and antes starting to get out of control (in other words, no one was safe at this point). On the next hand he raised it up with K 7 h under the gun. He was reraised all-in by the SB representing more than 1/3 of Pham's chips if he calls - and again putting him in a world of hurt if he loses the hand.

At this point Kido goes into a verbal random ass conversation with the guy stating that he promises to take whatever action his opponent dictates. "If you want me call, I call...if you want me fo, I fo." As I watched, I must be honest, I believed it was a pretty damn good job of eaking out the strength of the guys hand. The guy only had A Q o and he kept his mouth shut, which Kido decided meant he did not have a monster.

In the end, even though he felt like he might be okay, Kido was going to fold the hand, but he said some gibberish about if his opponent had something or something, "I call it." That statement right there caused the tournament director to deem that he had indeed represented a call. Kido had to call at that point and he lost the hand. Not too long after he was knocked out in 5th position. He got chipdrunk and should have kept his mouth shut, but it did make for great poker on tv.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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I'm back from my trip to D.C. and happy to be back in the home saddle. I had a great trip, stayed in a beautiful hotel, and think my business there went swimmingly. On Monday I expected I wouldn't be able to make The Hoy due to being out having drinks with fellow co-workers. I was right, as I didn't make it back to my hotel until 10:30pm, however it wouldn't have mattered if I'd gotten back earlier. While The Ritz has a kick ask hotel, their internet service is beat up.

I decided not to worry with internet access, the blog or poker for the rest of my stay since it would do me no good. Normally when I travel - and have the choice of where to stay - I end up at The Residence Inn/Marriott. For one, I've built up rewards points their, but the main reason is they have free high speed internet in the rooms as well as free breakfast. I've never had problems with them and they always seem to go the extra mile to give you whatever you need...without ripping you apart in costs.

So that's the long winded version of saying I'm back and ready to get back to the felt. Unfortunately, I may be somewhat scarce at the tables as I'm withdrawing most of my money for Okie-Vegas. I might leave a little extra in for some play, but I've given myself a stop loss to make sure I have a sure amount for my travels.

On a side note, I'd like to thank Hoy for offering to help me out with the withdrawal and everyone else who chimed in with the experiences they had with FT withdrawals. I was able to work out a perfect scenario for my withdrawal so I'm good to go now.

The primary reason for my post today was to let everyone know that my brother has started a blog at He, like myself, is a huge UNC fan, so you may notice the UNC in the URL. WTF? I'm suddenly using acronyms, which IMHO is not making me LOL. Gay.

Okay, so I'm back to reality. Most of you who play the Hoy probably recognize my brothers sceen name, ChapelncHill. He's only played 12 of those things, but I think he's made 4 final tables and 3 cashes, with over $350 in winnings (not counting the cost of entry, but I'm sure he tokened into a number of them).

I think he finally decided he needed somewhere to post his thoughts after the bad beats, thus another blogger was born. I can guarantee that he would play many more blogger events if his work schedule afforded him the ability to do so. Unfortunately his shifts usually fall during our game times, so the Hoy has become his game of choice that works with his schedule.

Well that's it for me today. My posts continue to lame-ify the blogosphere. My apologies.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Full Tilt Withdrawals

I'm off to D.C. for the next couple of days, so I don't expect to be able to post probably until Thursday. If I can sneak in a post though, I will. I also don't know if I'll be playing in any BBT events this week. It will depend on the cost of internet use at the hotel I'm in. I usually like to stay at Marriott because their internet service is free, however this time around I didn't get a choice of hotels. Apparently I'm in The Ritz this go around so I'm sure they will charge extra for internet. A $250 room, I'm sure, and they'll find a way to charge extra for internet. Bastages!

Now on to the reason for this post...

For my readers who have cashed out of Full Tilt via check, can anyone tell me approximately how long it took from the time the request was made to the time the check was in hand? In preperation for Okie-Vegas, I need to withdraw my currently poor excuse for a bankroll to cover some of the travel costs.

Are there any quicker options other than a check request these days?

Sadly, that's it for today. I gotta get ready for my flight.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Stuff That Bugs Me

Hella short on time today, so this will be hella short. I've played some poker lately, but nothing to write home about. I've dropped the smelly deuce in most of my recent blogger tourneys so that's nothing to highlight. Other than the blogger tourneys, I've been focusing my time on the 6-max super turbo $11 sng's with 3 minute blind levels. I enjoy those and think it is hilarious the way most people play them.

I would imagine on average half the players at my table in those sng's play entirely too tight as the blinds go up. Then they bitch when I build my stack and take them out as an underdog in a 60/40 hand where I'm pushing, they're calling, and I end up winning (just a random example). Meanwhile they were laying down 8 out of 10 hands as the blinds increased every 3 minutes and ate up their stack.

As long as the tards keep playing those sng's, I plan to keep playing those sng's. The beauty of it is some of these players probably tag me so they can play at the same tables, but they continue to play these super turbo sng's like they are WPT events. Hawesome.

I'm going to start a little series that I may never fall back on again. I've been known to do stuff like that, so we'll see. This one will be dubbed, "Stuff That Bugs Me." Now I may not write about this stuff very often because, for the most part, I'm a pretty laid back guy. I rarely harp on the little things in life and rather choose to not sweat the stupid stuff.

Still, occasionally things are just so stupid that it bugs me. Today, children, I'll be writing about people and companies that butcher acronyms.

Here are just a few of the one's that bug me to no end.

MLB Baseball
ATM Machine
PIN Number
Estimated ETA

There are more, but I'll just go with those for now.

People, it's not MLB Baseball. That's like saying "Major League Baseball Baseball." The cable company butchers that one all the time. And for a while, even the network stations butchered their own shows. That craptastic show NCIS was named Navy NCIS for years. They finally woke up and dropped the Navy from the front of the title since it was stupid to basically name it Navy Navy Criminal Investigation Something (I don't know what the S even stands for).

If you think of any other acronyms that don't make sense, leave a comment. I need to add to my list and am currently having a brain flatus.

So that's the first in my "Stuff That Bugs Me" series.

Man am I lame or what?

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Duplicate Poker

First off, let me note this is NOT a paid advertisement or sponsored post. Just something I found interesting and I wanted to get the opinion of my readers.

After reading about over at wwonka's site, I decided to check it out. If anything, it is a funny gimmick to drum up some business, but I thought it was kind of cool. The idea of turning one penny into 10 million dollars sounds pretty wild (not that I believe it would ever happen). But that's not what this post is about. Through moola, I came across a poker site called Duplicate Poker.

Has anyone else heard about this site?

They claim to be the only U.S. poker site that is completely a skill based game, thus they can offer their money games legally in most states (all but 12 states).

Here is the catch...and rather than try and explain it poorly...I'm just going to copy and paste their explanation below...

Duplicate Poker Duplicate Poker involves play of Pot Limit and No Limit Texas Hold'em under the general rules governing that game with four exceptions.

Determining winners by comparing the results achieved by the players playing identical hands eliminates the luck of the draw element normally associated with poker so that skill is what determines who wins, not whether you got good cards or bad cards. Every hand can win if it is well played.

So I ask you now, dear readers, what do you think of this interesting twist on the classic game? Is it a good thing? Is it bogus?

Here are my initial thoughts. The purists of the game might balk at the idea of changing the rules in this way, however, if people enjoy playing it this way, I say no harm no foul. I have yet to try it out, so I don't have a specific opinion one way or the other. It seems like an interesting idea, but I'm a tad hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. One things that I don't like is it sounds like this could never really be a game played live. It would be way too difficult to coordinate a game like this live.

In the end, the people will decide if this is a good thing or not. If they get massive amounts of play, then we know that at least some people dig it. If they get barely any traffic, then we'll know it was not meant to be. I'm certainly not trying to drive traffic to them since I don't know much else about them, but I'm hoping that some others have heard about this and can chime in with their thoughts.

I will say this, I'm all for changing up how games are played. If that had never happened in the past, we wouldn't have games like Omaha and Razz...etc. I don't think this site will make much of a splash in the poker world, but you have to admit it is certainly an interesting take on the classic game. And it's the first site I've seen to challenge the skill vs. luck card completely.

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Happy Birthday ChickJax

First off, congrats to Jordan who recently had his largest cash live or online. Also, congrats to Fuel who is headed to the WSoP main event after outlasting 7000 of his best friends over at PokerStars in the main event satellite.

I'm taking the day off from work today to spend with the family. Today is ChickJax's birthday so we are going to the pool and lounging while celebrating her birthday. Thus, this post will be hella short as we are headed out the door in just a moment. Today this post is all about saying...

Happy Birthday ChickJax!!!!!

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Happy Father's Day

Being a good father comes easy when you have a kick ask family like I do. They make my job of being Daddy so simple. ChickJax, KidJax and LilJax are the shizzle and I'm so proud to be husband and father to them. I love you guys.

Last year I wrote this post about my Dad. Writing that post meant so much to me. I know I will read it every Father's Day for the rest of my life. Thanks Pops for always being an incredible role model to me and my family. You pwn.

Happy Father's Day.

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Poker PayPal

It's that time again kids. Gotta drop a quick review post to help pad the ever depleting bankroll.

I must admit, when I received the offer to review
Poker Paypal, I was quite surprised. Not because someone actually wanted me to review their site, but because Paypal actually processes payments for poker sites. That really threw me for a loop. Who knew??!!

The two current poker sites at
Paypal Poker are BetFair Poker and Ladbrokes Poker. I can't say much for those particular poker sites since I've never played at them, but you can get more info about them at the Paypal Poker website. From what I've read so far, they seem to be all good.

So here's the deal. All you fine folks living in the U. S. and A. won't get much out of this site right now. The fine print states neither of the above poker sites accepts US Players. However, any visitors to this here blog from across the pond might find this information interesting. And considering approximately 25% of my readers are from Europe & Asia, I'd say this might be beneficial to a few of you.

So if you get a hankerin', go check out
Poker Paypal. The site is pretty basic, but it gets straight to the point. If you want to play some poker while using a reputable clearing/processing site such as PayPal, then they just might be your huckleberry. Check'em out and decide for yourself.

And, yes, this was a paid review.

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Warning: Reading This Post May Cause Severe And Possibly Permanent Retinal Damage

I was reading Chad's most recent post this morning and I upchucked twice. My first gag reflex was from checking out the hand history of his final table bad beat in the 22k. Doubly worse, however, was the mantastic Wawfuls picture at the bottom of his post (and now to the left). In the honorable words of Cosmo Kramer, "Look away, I'm hideous!"

At first I figured Chad was doing his usual surfing Man Pr0n while playing poker, but then I later realized he just snagged it from Wawfuls most recent post! There are only two good things that can come of this...

1) The comments on his post are hilarious...keep'em coming people.

2) Maybe the right people will join the fun. I mean, Carmen and Wawfuls are close, so it stands to reason that she would join in on his picture fun and take a similar web cam shot of herself. Am I right or am I right?

Lately on Fridays my donkerific game of choice has been Kat's $1 rebuy. It's quite a hoot and exactly what I need to relieve any pent up frustration from the weeks beats I've taken. On a side note, this right here boggles the mind. I think my most rebuys on any of my attempts has been 12 or 13. Well done Garth. You pwn, Sir.

I actually won the inaugural event and bubbled another one a couple of weeks ago, proving even a tarded lemur finds a comfy branch to hang from everyone once in a while.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make tonight's poker game. Instead I'll be off to a different game, while attending a Greensboro Grasshoppers game. This is the company I used to work for, though back then they were the Greensboro Bats and were the Yankees affiliate. Now they are with the Florida Marlins. As for me, I will be affiliated with Bud Select tonight. Booya!

The above picture is of the stadium and in the background you can see the building I used to work in. It's the tallest one with the lights at the top. It's no skyscraper, but it was a great building to be in dowtown.

You donks have fun at your poker game. As for me, the ballpark beckons.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Frankly Speaking

After reading Bill Rini's recent post about the Barney Frank Hearing, I decided to watch the video he posted. I was surprised when the video actually loaded on my work computer, as more often than not, they do not (what with big brother in all its glory). It was near the end of the day and I was caught up with most of my work, so I decided to hunker down and watch a few minutes. I had to take a deep gulp when I looked at the length of the video and found it to be over 2 hours. Yikes!

I watched about 30 minutes at work and then resolved to watch the remainder when I got home. Surprisingly, when I got home, ChickJax sat down with me and watched some of it as well. Her taking a minor interest in such a boring video and discussion (relatively speaking...for those not concerned about the UIGEA), was really cool. Thanks babe!

If you have no idea what the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) is, you might want to start here before reading on or watching the video.

What follows are my thoughts on the subject, having watched the entire 2+ hour video.

~ Though Frank is rather lispy and hard to understand at times, his arguments are absolutely spot on and his points do just that...get to the point.

~ Congressman Bachus, the opposition if you will, is truly a bungling halfwit. His testimony was not only riddled with inaccuracies, his delivery was embaressing. I don't care if you are for or against the UIGEA, I believe after watching his poor excuse of a speech, you would agree that he did not help his cause. His comments regarding the Full Tilt website, while questioning Radley Balko, were absolutely tarded. Not to mention his holier than thou facial expressions while spewing such tripe. While I believe everyone who takes an interest in the UIGEA should find the time to watch this video, if you watch nothing else, check out minutes 1:22:15 through 1:30:00 to see what a fucktard Bachus truly is.

~ I was extremely impressed with the testimony of the witnesses who were advocates of Frank's bill. Overall I think everyone did a great job, though the Congressman from Florida was a little over-the-top at times. Balko impressed me and the representative from Aristotyle, speaking on age verification, was thorough and articulate.

~ That's it, now go watch the video.

On a total side note, I've actually gotten a couple of emails about my previous post. Folks, if you can't smell that infantile humor from a mile away, you need help. I was not serious, nor am I serious on this blog very often. These days I'm not very funny either, so soak it up. That post was just another in the line of, "if I worked for the onion" style posts. For those that don't know about The Onion, get your asses over there now.

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Phil Hellmuth, Jr. Takes Monumental Dump En Route to Just Another WSoP Tournament Win

Las Vegas, NV (June 12, 2007) - Phil Hellmuth,Jr. made history, June 11, 2007, dropping the most massive dump, weighing in at 8 lbs, 4oz., in the corner stall of Harrah's lobby restroom directly outside the tournament final table area. Later that evening, he apparently also won another WSoP tournament.

Paul White, Harrah's Janitorial Assistant Manager, confirmed Hellmuth did indeed drop the historic load, stating, "Yeah it was him. I was cleaning the bathroom sinks when he just about barreled over everyone waiting in line for the bathroom. I've heard he can dodge bullets, but now I know he can drop'em too." Mr. White added, "It was the largest thing I've ever seen. Looks like he tried to flush it 4 or 5 times, but that thing was going no where."

Later citing a heightened anxiety coupled with a new high fiber diet, Hellmuth made the mad dash to the bathroom stall as soon as the final 45 minute break began. "After knocking out Scott Clements in 5th place, I felt a 'Rumble in the Bronx'," said Hellmuth. "I'm not sure if it was the free buffet or what, but when I was high-tailing it to the bathroom, I could tell something special was about to happen," added Hellmuth.

Asked about his latest WSoP win, Hellmuth noted, "Tournaments are a dime a dozen. I enter hundreds of them every year. It stands to reason I'm going to win one every once in a while. But that shit...that's a once in a lifetime shit right there."

The festivities came to a close with a ceremony in which Henry Thomes, Harrah's Janitorial Services Manager, presented Hellmuth with the monumental dump he retrieved and immediately had bronzed. Hellmuth was also later awarded the gold bracelet for the tournament win.

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The Pareto Principle

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Also known as the 80/20 Rule, this principle basically states that for many situations, 80% of the effects are derived from 20% of the causes. To offer an example, in the financial services industry, Financial Advisors usually generate 80% of their compensation/production from 20% of their client base. So if they have 100 clients, their top 20 clients are gravy, while the other 80 are probably costing them in the long run (between time and sheer volume of work to keep up with them).

This principle got me thinking about poker. Imagine mind straying from work to poker...unheard of (*cough*). Specifically, last week I was playing 4 turbo sng's at once. In each I pretty much tried to play a tight aggressive game early on, but ramped up my aggression as the blinds started to get out of hand. Eventually, as I made it deeper in the sng's, I was pushing all-in in almost any position that I had a chance to force players out with tough decisions.

Of the four sng's, I went out midway through one, on the bubble in another, then I made the money in the other two, winning one of them. In the 3 that I made it relatively deep in, I caught a raft of shit from random players in each. For instance, in one of the sng's we were down to the bubble and the blinds were huge relative to the average stack size. I had been pushing players off hands left and right once the blinds picked up. I had the chiplead and pushed my stack in on the cut-off with A7 and was called by the big blind who was becoming a shorty. He had A9 and I spiked a 7 to knock him out.

Then there was another guy who outright told us in the chat box most of the sng that he had not been catching anything for cards the whole time. I of course took advantage of this and pushed him off of hand after hand with junk. Eventually he was almost down to the felt while I had plenty of chips to work with. I again pushed with A7 and he finally "woke up" with a hand of 5-5. He called my all-in and I spiked an Ace or Seven to knock him out (can't remember which one). Of course I was immediately a horrible player for my actions and I was beat up in the chat box for quite a while.

One guy went so far as to stay at the sng for another 20 minutes after I had knocked him out. He kept bitching about my play and challenging me to a heads-up match. He laughed at me for coming in 2nd place and said he knew I wouldn't win it (he finished in 6th I think). After that sng I then signed up for a different sng with a higher buy-in. Of course he was tracking/follwing me so he could show me his awesomeness. He came in 9th out of 9. Good game sir. I didn't here from him again.

And now back to the Pareto Principle.

I think 80% of players in any given online game are tarded lemurs. The other 20% feed on tarded lemurs. The 80% who are tarded lemurs pad the bankroll of the other 20%. It's pretty much as simple as that.

Thank God for tarded lemurs that play poker...especially the ones that play turbo sng's like they are WSoP events with 60 minute blind levels. Bless you all... go sign up for the Hoy tonight.

And until next time, may the felt be with you.

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If You Can Read This, You're Not At The WSoP

I may be over thinking things a tad too much lately (there's a new one for me), but it's becoming all too clear that controlling the size of bets and pots in regular stack tourneys is paramount, especially early.

For example, the difference in the Mookie and the Hoy these days is striking. You mess up on one or two hands early in the Mookie and you are staring at a tough road ahead if you don't get lucky. You mess up once or twice in the Hoy early and you've still got time to make moves and play optimum poker.

Now don't get me wrong, I like both tourneys, but I'm just really starting to see the differences unfold right before my eyes lately. Lets take a look at a couple of numbers real quick. First hand of a tournament with 1500 starting chips, 10 minute blinds, 15/30 blinds...

You get AK and pop the 30 BB to 90 in middle position. The cut off calls and the SB and BB fold. There's now 225 in the the pot and the flop comes down T J 3 rainbow. You have a gutty, but not much else. However, you were the original raiser and a continuation bet might be in order here. You pot it for 225 and then immediately get raised to 750. You meekly fold your hand succumbing to the pressure of the raise.

You've just put in over 20% of your starting stack on the first hand with two plays that most would probably deem standard (initial raise and continuation bet). Now if the BB calls in the scenario above you're looking at a 285 pot pre-flop. And if both the SB and BB called, it is now a whopping 360 on the first hand. Even if you only attempt a 75% bet into the 360 pot, you are still looking at risking almost 25% of your stack on the 1st hand with two typical plays that are seen day in and day out in these types of tourneys.

Point being, as I mentioned in my 1st sentence above, controlling the size of the pots becomes huge.

Now look at the same scenarios above in the Hoy. With two players seeing the flop, but the same result, you've risked 10% of your chips on the play. Still a pretty large amount to lose, but it doesn't even come close to putting you in any danger range. Same goes for the scenario where either one or both of the blinds called as well.

Getting back to a couple of points I want to make as well as reiterating a couple I've already made. I don't think anything needs to change with the format of either of the tourneys. I love the Mookie tourney for what it is...a great chance to spend a good time with fellow blonkeys once a week. I don't see a need for change in the tourney...only a need for change in my own strategy. I've won that tournament twice so I know I can make it work, but things have changed from the past.

Most all of us that play the blonkaments have played each other enough times that typical strategy no longer cuts it. It is no different than knowing a persons tendancies in a home game. I mean, at the end of the day, we are playing a weekly home game with each other. Standard play just isn't going to cut it over the long haul.

So, for me, it comes down to switching things up, keeping opponents that know my typical play off kilter, and controlling the size of the bets and pots.

As for switching things up, I have to stop thinking that standard plays will cut it in these tournaments. The same play in the Mookie may not be optimum in the Hoy, and vice versa. It just stands to reason that I should have a game plan going into each type of tourney and then adjust it as needed (and depending on the table outlook).

As for keeping opponents that know my typical play off kilter, I just really have to think much deeper about how I play and what opponents expect me to do. When a player can use my style against me, then I need to be prepared to immediately change the way I play against that person.

Finally, the controlling of bet and pot sizes is something I must get a grasp of. Over time, I will be looking very, very closely at changing my betting patterns depending on the type of tournament. No specifics right now, but I'm crunching a lot of numbers lately and hopefully it will help me when playing more tourneys in the future.

Wow, this was a pretty lame post having gone back and read it through. Luckily, many of my regular readfers will miss it since they are in Vegas for the WSoP.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Main Event Satellite

A buddy of mine here in Greensboro is helping coordinate a satellite to the WSoP Main Event this year and I thought I would mention it here in case anyone close enough to Greensboro might be interested. This is the same buddy who final tabled the $500 Borgata event last year (finishing 8th). Details are as follows...

- $600 buy-in
- 20 entrants
- Winner take all ($10k for buy-in, $2k for expenses)
- 50% of any winnings from the main event will be disbursed to the other 19 players.

This means that all players in the satellite will have a vested interest in the main event. The winner of the satellite will retain 50% of any winnings from the main event while the remaining 19 players from the satellite will share in the remainder. I don't know if this is what you would consider a good deal, but I'd be interested to hear any comments. In addition, if you know of another satellite that has a good format and potentially awards the "losers" of the satellite as well, let me know so I it can be considered. Everything is sort of coming together as I type this.

Tentative plans are for around two weeks from now and I'll probably have more details soon. This would be a live event, not online, so you would have to be willing to travel or hopefully live relatively near Greensboro. I'm sure cash games will break out after the game, but there will be NO juice on the main event satellite.

Let me know if you are potentially interested or if you have any ideas for the format. I'm sure the blind structure will be fair, but I will have more details on that soon.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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I have some poker stuff I want to get out of my head, but for today I'm going to go in another direction. Unfortunately it's a not so good direction. Sorry to put my readers through this kind of stuff lately, but my family deserves notice here at times. Thanks for understanding.

Nearly 3 weeks ago we had to put our beloved dog, Kaiser, to sleep. It was a very rough thing for the whole family. On Saturday we had to put our cat, Jah, to sleep as well. I had mentioned here in the past that she had a tumor on her throat, but had toughed it out for a while. Over the last couple of weeks, however, things really went downhill.

In essence, she was suffocating with the tumor taking over her airway. She had stopped eating, barely ever drank water and was losing weight every single day. We could no longer sit back and watch her suffer the way she was. I know we did the right thing, but that doesn't make it easy. ChickJax is taking it pretty hard. She's had Jah longer than I've even known her. She got her a few years before we were even dating. So I can understand why she's taking it so hard.

Jah, you'll be missed little kitty.

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